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Anchor tattoo:
meaning, designs and styles

The anchor tattoo is among the most popular designs, which is associated with symbolism.

The image of an anchor is found in the coats of arms of countries, cities and noble families. Anchor tattoo has traditionally decorated the body of merchant and military seamen for millennia. The symbol is closely related to Christianity. Ancient Christians who were persecuted by the authorities used an anchor instead of a cross.

Anchor tattoo
Anchor tattoo

Anchor tattoo
and its meaning

The anchor refers to the Christian symbols, meaning safety and protection, stability and hope for salvation.

For some people it is associated with the sea and sea travel, for others it symbolizes restraint and a sense of measure in everything. The tattoo of the anchor thumbnail is easy to correct, allowing you to add personal meaning with additional details and inscriptions. The main meanings are:

  • Faith and spirituality.
  • Achievement of goals.
  • Stability and prosperity.
  • Loyalty to family values.
  • Strong family ties.

Anchor tattoo designs
Anchor tattoo designs
Anchor tattoo designs

The anchor tattoo is chosen by people who clearly understand what they want from life.

This body image is associated with consistency in decisions, sustainable views and principles.

The anchor is a symbol that, along with the compass, the helm of the ship and the lighthouse, has a pronounced seaward orientation. Anchor tattoos are suitable for bold, determined and daring people who value freedom and know how to achieve their goals. An anchor tattoo may indicate a marine-themed owner. Such body images are often made under the impression of a watched movie or a book in which the main characters are sailors or pirates.

Add your own name to the design to emphasize the desire for stability. The name of another person next to the anchor means strong attachment. The tattoo is associated with a permanent, long-term romantic relationship.

Anchor tattoo
Anchor tattoo

Different designs

Anchor tattoos are chosen by men and women of different ages.

Variety of execution options is one of the reasons for the popularity of this tattoo. The plot is used to create an exclusive body image that subtly reflect the character of the owner or contain personal meaning. Types of designs:

  • With a feather. It symbolizes courage and bravery, strength and magical abilities. Other meanings are the love of freedom and adventure.
  • With a phrase. The body images gain a special charm if it contains a meaningful statement or quotation.
  • Balloon. The combination of a stoic image with a light and airy element gives the image a new meaning - the desire for change in life, the ability to let go of the situation and easily cope with difficulties.
  • With a heart. Indicates a successful romantic relationship.
  • With a flower. The combination of sharp anchor contours and a delicate flower allows the creation of contrast works in which the comparison of meanings plays an important role. Tattoo gets meaning - loyalty and hope, luck and a safe outcome.

Anchor tattoo designs
Anchor tattoo designs
Anchor tattoo designs

An anchor is a symbol to which the master adds different elements and images to express an idea.

Common additions to the anchor are the rudder, sharks and fish, stars and ships. Shark tattoo is a talisman that protects you from trouble and enemies. The body image with the ship indicates luck and fortune, inspiration and dreaminess. With a rose means selflessness and self-sacrifice.

Anchor tattoo
Anchor tattoo
Different styles

Anchor tattoos are performed in different styles.

Body images differ in size and location. Thanks to the simple design of the image, it can be reduced or enlarged without distorting the result. Popular styles for the anchor tattoo:

  • Minimalism. Miniature tattoos are placed on the finger of the hand. Other placement is back palm, wrist, neck, area behind the ear, ankle. This arrangement emphasizes the delicate and personal nature of the tattoo.
  • Linework. Weightless illustration made by one continuous line looks ultra-modern and fashionable. The Linework style is ideal for creating a simple story.
  • Abstraction. Tattoo without clear contours are another modern version of the performance.

Anchor tattoo designs
Anchor tattoo designs
Anchor tattoo designs
  • Blackwork. Brutal drawings made by black pigment, closely echo the marine theme. They represent strength and courage, coping with problems and staying true to life.
  • Fineline. The tattoo, made of thin, soft lines are the perfect choice for lovers of elegant, exquisite solutions.
  • Neo-Traditional. Anchor tattoos in the style of Neo Traditional look original and fun. Thanks to the usage of animation effects, the body image becomes positive and life-affirming.

The body image of the anchor is suitable for creating paired tattoos that represent mutual romantic feelings. To emphasize your attachment to your home and beloved ones, you need to get an anchor. Symbolic plot will help to feel self-confidence, look fashionable and stylish.

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