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White tattoos
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White tattoos

Tattoo fashion does not pass, on the contrary, there are new trends and, as a result, new styles and directions.

White tattoos are a clear example of this phenomenon.

Original body images made by white ink are very popular with both men and women. The technology is similar to the technique of applying a traditional monotonous or color tattoo, and they look particularly elegant and even graceful. More about this direction in the tattoo industry is described in the article below.

White tattoos
White tattoos

Everything you need
to know about white ink tattoos

As it was mentioned above, white tattoos are made with white ink.

They look spectacular and sophisticated.

Some masters consider the main advantage of such body images is that they are not very visible, remain invisible. But if the look of the surrounding person stops on this picture, then it is impossible to take your eyes away. There is a desire to look at all the details of the image and touch it.

Especially effective white tattoos look at dark skin due to contrast. And for a light-skinned client, this tattoo is a way to get an unusual and original body image that will not immediately attract the attention of others. It might be an option for guys and girls who want to have the first body-image. Be ready to change!

White tattoos
White tattoos
White tattoos

Why do people get white tattoos?

There are no restrictions.

There are only recommendations of experienced tattoo artists, and those people who are the happy owner of such exotic body modifications.

Perfectly white tattoos look great on the wrist, shoulder and ankle. But on the open parts of the body that are exposed to the sun, you should get such tattoos with caution. Due to aggressive external factors, the tattoo can quickly lose color or turn yellow. In the first case, there is a scarring effect, which might be interesting in some way. And in the second situation, in order to return the beauty of the tattoo, the masters recommend covering the tattoo with a different color. Masters correct white tattoos with pleasure.

White tattoos
White tattoos

Technology features

The difference between the procedure when performing a white tattoo is that the ink is injected at a greater depth than the black and color pigment.

The penetration depth is due to the fact that the coloring composition consists of large particles. Its consistency is thicker. And since the pigment is introduced to the depth of the skin, the tattoo artist has to «work» the same area several times. You need to be prepared for unpleasant sensations. Knowing this, masters often suggest clients to use local anesthesia.

You have to choose pictures with clear contours. An excellent variant of white tattoo - ornament.

For the master: it is important that the white pigment does not mix with any impurities, for example, particles from the surface of the copying paper, which is used to transfer the picture.

White tattoos
White tattoos
White tattoos
Dispelling myths

Despite the fact that exotic white tattoos look attractive and extravagant, not everyone decides to get them.

Many people are frightened by the opinion that white tattoo in a short time will become a problem, and that the white pigment should be used only to make shading. Potential owners of a white tattoo are afraid that the pattern may quickly turn into a yellow spot or a simple scar.

Well, at least part of that is true. Under the action of direct sunlight, a white body images may turn yellow or «dissolve». But a great role in maintaining the durability of the tattoo plays the skill of a specialist. An experienced tattoo artist knows what the consistency of the ink should be, how deep it should be introduced into the skin layer and how many times to work on each line to keep the drawing on the skin as long as possible. When choosing a salon, be sure to check with the tattoo artist, whether he had such clients before and what was the result of his work?

White tattoos
White tattoos
White tattoo aftercare

Both the black and the colored and the white tattoo need proper aftercare.

After the process is finished, the master treats the skin surface of the client with an antiseptic ointment. For a few weeks you need to refuse to visit the sauna or swimmimg pool. You need to forget about the solarium, due to the specificity of the pattern.

No chemical peeling until the skin is fully healed. Special attention should be paid to the selection of creams and lotions for body care.

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