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Toy Story
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Toy Story tattoos:
sketch ideas from childhood

“There is a child in every one of us, not always accompanied by an adult” – Robert Brault, British screenwriter, director, and actor.

The best proof of these words are funny tattoos inspired by popular cartoons that serious adults get. Below we will talk about tattoo sketches with toys` illustrations. To be more precise, in this article we will consider the variety of tattoos with Toy Story characters.

Toy Story tattoo
Toy Story tattoo
Toy Story tattoo

What do we know
about the Toy Story cartoon?

Toy Story is a popular cartoon series that tells a fantastic story of toys that behave like people.

Real feelings, emotions, competition, and lust for love and devotion – those are completely unexpected things for ordinary toys.

Broadcasted in 1995, it became the highest-grossing cartoon of the year. The film received high marks from critics, who noted the innovative breakthrough in 3D animation, screenplay, and composition.

Toy Story tattoo
Toy Story tattoo

Toy Story sketches:
why and where to get a tattoo

Tattoos inspired by the above-mentioned cartoon are usually done by optimistic, creative, and extraordinary people.

Someone might want to get a Toy Story sketch to inherit some of the traits the beloved character has. At the same time, many tattoo admirers opt for such sketches just to decorate their bodies and add a bright element to their images.

The most popular locations for Toy Story tattoos:

  • Colourful forearm Toy Story tattoo;
  • Thigh sketches with Toy Story characters;
  • Massive chest Toy Story tattoos;
  • Back Toy Story sketches.

Such tattoos are usually done on the parts of the body that can be seen by other people and attract their attention. Unlike many other sketch options, Toy Story tattoos rarely have a thought-provoking subtext and cannot be viewed as amulets.

Toy Story tattoo
Toy Story tattoo
Toy Story tattoo

Toy Story tattoo features

For a Toy Story tattoo sketch, people frequently choose the illustrations of their favourite characters.

Predictable, though, it may be Cowboy Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Rex favourites are the most popular among cartoon admirers.

In most cases, Toy Story sketches are large, colorful, and massive. Such tattoos may include several elements and even a background. However, if you are a fan of minimalistic body illustrations, you can get a tattoo with a famous Woody`s lyrics, “You have got a friend in meee!”. Such a Toy Story tattoo will look especially attractive on the neck, wrists, and ribs. This idea may also be used for matching tattoos.

And for the bravest of you, we recommend considering getting a Mr. Potato Head tattoo. This iconic character may be used as a tattoo sketch for people of all ages. What’s more, this tattoo is unique and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Toy Story tattoo
Toy Story tattoo
Final thoughts

Toy Story cartoons are beloved by many people.

Bright characters, high-quality humour, entertaining plot – that’s what makes this film special. Toy Story tattoos may become a good body decoration not only for cartoon admirers but for all creative and expressive people.

Such sketches allow you to experiment with colours, styles, and forms. Make sure you know for sure how the Toy Story tattoo of your dream looks like. If not, ask for help from a tattoo artist or view the catalogue with sketches on our website!

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