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Tom Hardy
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Tom Hardy’s Tattoos
and what they mean

Tom Hardy is English producer, actor and model.

He became famous all over the world after the release of the film «Stuart: A Life Backwards», where he played the main role. His film partner was famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Later there were significant works in the films «Wuthering Heights», «Mad Max», «Sharp Visors», «Survivor». For a supporting role in the film «The Survivor» was nominated for the «Oscar» award. A talented actor with a memorable appearance successfully copes with various roles.

Few fans know that at the age of 14, Hardy first tasted alcohol and light drugs, and at the age of 19 won a beauty pageant. For many years he suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. However, he found the strength to completely get rid of harmful habits. Tom is involved in Eastern jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. Hardy is one of the most influential people in the UK and is an active philanthropist. Hardy loves dogs and tattoos. Today, the artist has more than 30 tattoos of different design and size.

Tom Hardy tattoo

Tom Hardy’s Family Tattoos

Family tattoos include Leprechaun, a mythical character in Irish folklore.

The tattoo is made in the Tribal style and is on the right shoulder. Hardy’s mom is from Ireland - the tattoo is related to family traditions. This is the first full-body drawing of Hardy that the actor made at the age of 15. The tribal pattern on top of the Leprechaun appeared later. The tattoo symbolizes good luck and fulfilling wishes. Other family tattoos:

  • Padre Fiero inscription on the right side of the collarbone. Translation from Italian means «Proud father». The tattoo is for the actor’s son.
  • The inscription Figlio mio belissimo, which is translated from Italian as «My Beautiful Son». The tattoo is also dedicated to Tom’s son.
  • The inscription «Charlotte» on the left shoulder is in honor of Hardy’s wife Charlotte Riley. The couple married in 2014.

On the back of the actor on the left is a large portrait of Charlotte Riley. On Tom’s left shoulder is a picture of Madonna holding a baby. Next to the picture are the figures «848» which indicate the date of birth of the son Louis (April 8, 2008). On the actor’s left hand are the letters L and H - the initials of his son Louis Hardy.

Tom Hardy tattoo
Tom Hardy tattoo
Tom Hardy tattoo

Tom Hardy’s Patriotic Tattoos

On Tom’s right shoulder, just above his elbow, is an image of London, his hometown.

On the left side of the actor’s chest is the national flag of the United Kingdom.

Tom Hardy motivational tattoos

On the chest on the right are masks of comedy and tragedy. Above the picture there is an inscription «Smile now». Under this body image there is another inscription «cry later». The tattoo II O&R on the right shoulder means the expression «Observe and Reflect». According to Hardy, that’s his motto in life.

Tom Hardy tattoo

Original Tom Hardy’s tattoos

The inscription « LINDY King » and the body image of the crown are dedicated to agent Hardy Lindy King.

The tattoo is located on the left shoulder from the inside, representing respect for the woman who brought him to Hollywood.

The scorpion tattoo on the back above means freedom and independence, leadership, intuition and discretion. The scorpion is made in tribal style, indicating Hardy’s fighting spirit, ability to fight enemies and win.

In the area of the right clavicle closer to the chest, the number «1338046» is tattooed with the personal badge of the marine - the father of the actor’s best friend.

On the back of the shoulder there is a body image of a pen with the inscription “Scribe”. The body image is a tribute to Kelly Marcell.

The body image of the crow on the left breast is connected with the release of the films «Mad Max» and «Dark Knight», which brought the actor world recognition. Another tattoo is an aggressive wolf with a bare mouth, made after the release of the film «Survivor», where Hardy played alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film «Survivor» caused the appearance of another tattoo - «Leo knows everything». The body image was the result of an argument between two actors, Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo was sure that Tom would be nominated for the «Oscar» prize for his supporting role. However, Hardy had doubts. The result of the doubt is a dispute, after which the loser makes a tattoo on the order of the winner.

It is worth noting other original body images - a skull in a hat on the left forearm, a playing card to the right on the stomach, two flying birds to the right between the neck and shoulder. The pit bull head tattoo on the left back is a tribute to the actor’s pet.

Tom Hardy tattoo
Tom Hardy tattoo
Tom Hardy’s romantic tattoos

The dragon on the left shoulder symbolizes a love for Sarah Ward’s ex-girlfriend.

Hardy’s ex-lover was born in the year of the Dragon, which led to the selection of the sketch.

The inscription on the belly of Till I Die SW is made during a relationship with Sarah Ward and is literally translated «Until I die». The tattoo symbolizes eternal love. The relationship with the girl is marked by another tattoo - the letter W (the first letter of the surname chosen) on the right shoulder from the inside.

A big star on the actor’s left shoulder appeared after receiving news of the pregnancy of his ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed. Tom is sincerely interested in the art of tattoos. Fans of the actor will have to see a lot of interesting tattoos.

Tom Hardy tattoo
Tom Hardy tattoo
Tom Hardy tattoo
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