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Surrealism Tattoo Style:
everything you need to know

It is not difficult for modern people, pampered with freedom of choice, to show individuality.

The desire to make a tattoo meets the need to find a design and style that reflects the inner world, corresponds to the views and feelings of the person. Many focus on fashion trends, while others look for their own path and find it in surreal storylines.

Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo

What is surrealism tattoo style?

Surrealism in tattoo culture means the use of irrational, fictional elements.

Such body images often combine reality and fantasy, unite unexpected and unrelated images. The image is composed of abstract symbolism, bizarre creatures, fantastic landscapes, fragments of dreams. Surreal tattoos challenge reality and cause ambiguous emotions. People who choose tattoos in this style are not destined to go unnoticed.

Animals are interwoven with geometric figures in such plots, ordinary things are transformed into paradoxical phenomena. You can see a sailboat sailing down the sky, people flying, eyes inside the palm, hands protruding over the surface of the earth or apples in glasses - don’t be surprised. It’s a magical world of incredible transformation in which every fantasy comes true.

Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo

Style and its features

The Surrealist tattoo embodies the combination of the incompatibility.

Optical illusions and hidden meanings permeate every story. To understand the meaning of the native drawing, you will have to think and draw parallels. This is an ideal choice for people who want to attract attention and impress. You can make a single surreal tattoo or create your own fantasy world, filled with unusual inhabitants and objects.

The advantage is uniqueness. If you choose a surrealist plot, you can be sure that you will not see such tattoos anywhere else. Abstract and academic surrealism can be distinguished. In the first case, native drawings are characterized by arbitrary forms. Academic surrealism involves creating objects with the right shapes, shapes and sizes. However, the content and meaning of the image contradict logic. The main features of the style:

  • No limits. Surrealist tattoos break habits and standards.
  • It is a complex, thoughtful plot. It is not enough to put individual details on the body. You need to understand the meaning and ideas that are contained in the image.
  • Subtle elaboration of details. For surrealist body images, the authenticity of Realism is typical. The difference lies in the choice of subjects, which in the case of Surrealism are fantastic.
  • Symbolic images that are combined with illogical and unexpected comparisons.
Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo

Surrealist tattoos are characterized by a spirit of spontaneity.

Random effects reflect the concept of style. In order to display a surrealist story, a master requires no less talent and professionalism than when working on realistic tattoos. To create surreal design tattoo artist uses techniques:

  • Personal Iconography.
  • Visual Puns.
  • Allusions and visual illusions.
  • Irrationality and impromptu.

Surrealist tattoos show a world where something went wrong. People, animals and objects that cannot exist in the body images. In this world there are no laws of physics, and there are no prohibitions.

Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo

What design to choose

A popular topic is the use of strange subjects and objects that at first glance seem to have little to do with each other.

Ambiguous images and distorted reality - sources of inspiration for creating a tattoo in the style of Surrealism. Design options:

  1. Animals.
    1. Animals and birds in surreal tattoos look at least strange. In such a story you can see a bird with a human face or an animal with human legs.
  2. Nature.
    1. Trees, plants and flowers resemble the flora of a fabulous forest. Unusual shapes, colors, sizes and details are required.
  3. Article.
    1. In native drawings of Surrealism there are often various objects - watches, playing cards, keys, bridges, stairs, which are significantly different from the real prototypes.
  4. Portrait painting.
    1. Tattoos often reflect portraits of people. The only nuance is the addition of distortions and surreal objects.
  5. Stories based on dreams and unconsciousness.
    1. Direction in the art originated from the ideas of Z. Freud. Dreams and unconsciousness are the perfect story for a Surrealist tattoo.
Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo

Dreams and the work of the subconscious inspire the surrealist art.

Great artists have found application to free associations and have given rise to the current in art. To broaden the scope and perspective, choose a suitable sketch based on the paintings of outstanding surrealist artists - Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, René Magritte, Frida Kahlo.

The Dali paintings sing life and death, are imbued with eroticism and a sense of transformation of time, which in the author’s understanding is able to freeze, stretch and shrink. One of the popular stories is a soft clock, which symbolizes the fleeting of time.

Magritte’s work is based on the triumph of paradoxes. Simple at first glance plots are revealed in multifaceted associations. The Master in his works showed how simple things become deep and ambiguous. The eyeball instead of the head, the nose of a smoker drowning in a pipe, the door in the middle of the desert - ideas for original tattoos.

The famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo paid special attention to self-portraits, which were supplemented by colors and images. The main message is the opposition between life and death, good and evil.

If you find it difficult to choose, experienced masters of the salon «VeAn» will help to choose a sketch that reflects your thoughts, feelings and desires.

Surrealism Tattoo
Surrealism Tattoo
Who will choose unique surrealism?

If you are not ready to settle for a single design, choose an extraordinary, fabulous landscape that will be exactly unique.

Tattoo style Surrealism is an opportunity to capture your emotions, thoughts and feelings in a non-standard format. Surrealist tattoo will suit creative personalities who love experimentation and shock, challenge the world and do not respond to public opinion.

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