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Strength Tattoo
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Strength tattoo ideas:
enhancing your inborn traits

For many people, tattoos have become much more than just a body decoration.

The desire to mark a new life milestone, to bring luck or positive changes, and even improve yourself – these things belong to the most popular reasons individuals opt for getting a tattoo.

If you are thinking about a way to boost your inner strength, self-esteem, and courage, a tattoo is what, apart from other solutions, you may really need. Below, we will consider the most powerful strength tattoo ideas and their peculiarities. And may the Force be with you!

Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo

How does a strength
symbol tattoo work?

Some people feel suspicious about the fact that a tattoo or anything else can provoke positive life changes.

Well, if you also belong to this club, we have some rational reasons in favour of strength symbol sketches.

Firstly, such a tattoo may serve as a reminder for its owner about the decisions and promises a person made. Secondly, strength tattoos are usually popular among people seeking for additional source of confidence. They treat such body decorations as meaningful symbols and believe that they can protect them from bad luck. And that really works!

Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo

The most powerful
strength symbol tattoos

While choosing the best inspirational sketch, pay attention to your feelings and beliefs.

Even if you associate a cute cat with a symbol of strength, you must get this tattoo! The only thing that matters is how you feel while thinking about a particular tattoo.

But if you are looking for a traditional strength symbol idea, stay tuned. Below, you will find some of the most popular options!

Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo


If you want to get a universal tattoo that will never become old-fashioned, thought-provoking inscriptions are worth considering. Quotations from poems, songs, or films – it can be anything you want.

Such small strength symbol tattoos look especially good at:

  1. Fingers:
    1. Minimalistic finger decorations are popular among celebrities and people who like to be in the centre of attention;
  2. Behind the ears inscriptions:
    1. Such tattoos always look elegant and mysterious;
  3. Inscription on ribs and chest:
    1. It is a perfect option for people who are not allowed to have tattoos due to their profession.
Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo

Rune tattoos

Runes are known as ancient written symbols of the peoples of Scandinavia. It is believed that runes that denote strength can increase the chances of winning in certain situations, boost intuition, and bring luck. They are usually done on hands, but tattoo artists say that illustrations on the upper part of the legs have better protective powers.

Mandala strength tattoos

Originated from Eastern cultures, Mandala tattoos have powerful meanings that may differ considerably depending on the tattoo color, geometry and size. A person can create a sketch based on emotions and tastes. Mandalas usually denote balance between the inner and outer worlds and protect their owners. If you are looking for an effective amulet, a mandala tattoo will be a great option.

Nature phenomenon and celestial bodies

Strength and power are also frequently associated with nature wonders. Fire, lightning, tides, volcano eruptions – these things are not only breathtaking but also impressive. Nature phenomenon can’t be influenced or prevented by human beings; they are independent and spontaneous.

Apart from this, people usually choose zodiac sign tattoos as a way to gain a powerful amulet. As a strength symbol sketch, you can also use the rising moon, stars, or Mercury illustrations that is believed to be the most bellicose planet.

Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo

Animalistic strength tattoos

We often associate strength and power with animals and the rules of their existence.

For that reason, animalistic tattoo sketches are so popular among people seeking an additional source of internal support. So, let’s consider the most popular animals associated with strength and power!

  1. Woolf strength tattoo
    1. In the tattoo culture, the wolf is a symbol of loyalty, courage, and strength. Some people assume that this animal has controversial traits, but others want to get such a strength tattoo as a sign of bravery and self-confidence.
  2. A power of a lion
    1. A person wearing a lion tattoo is believed to be strong, confident, has a good understanding of people and knows what exactly he expects from life. A realistic lion illustration for men usually means the desire for leadership and power. Female lion tattoos represent lust for success, a career, and a vibrant public life. What’s more, women often get such tattoos before or after giving birth as a symbol of devotion to the child and family — by analogy with the functions of a lioness in pride.
  3. Chinese dragon strength sketches
    1. The Chinese dragon symbolizes strength, power, wisdom, longevity and good luck. Compared with traditional dragons, Chinese ones are not cruel and are treated as the protectors and lieutenants of humanity. A sketch with the image of a dragon may help you improve your skills, self-esteem, and bring positive changes to your life.
Strength Tattoo
Strength Tattoo
Strength symbol
tattoos: final thoughts

If you want to get a tattoo that will boost your inner power, you have many options to choose from.

While looking for a perfect sketch, consider the basic meaning of symbols or characters you would like to get tattooed. It is better to decide on a strength symbol tattoo style and location with a tattoo artist. For more inspiration, view the catalogue with sketches on our website.

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