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Rihanna tattoos
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Rihanna tattoos

Rihanna produces her own perfume, cosmetics, underwear and clothing line in collaboration with River Island.

She is a top guest of bright parties and strip clubs. The artist is from the island of Barbados and prefers fast food to exotic dishes. She often shoots in advertising. She develops joint projects with clothes and jewelry brands. Her partners are Puma, Chopard, Manolo Blahnik.

rihanna tattoo meaning

Tattoo is another hobby of Rihanna

There are more than 20 tattoos on the body of the singer.

The first one is made when the future star turned 17 years old. This is the sign of the Pisces zodiac (Rihanna’s birthday is February 20, 1988), which is behind the ear. An underage girl required the permission of her mother, who was surprisingly interested in the idea and gave her consent. All further important events that occurred in her life were reflected in new images on the body. For example, an image of pistols on the the ribs appeared immediately after breaking up with Chris Brown. It symbolizes strength, meaning that the singer will never accept the role of victim. At the same time she tattooed on the clavicle inscription “Never a failure, always a lesson”. An interesting feature is that the inscription is tattooed so that it can be read in the mirror. The singer explained that the statement is her lifelong motto.

As Rihanna admitted in her interview, tattoos are her addiction.

According to the singer, she enjoys spending time in tattoo salons and experimenting with body-images. She is deeply immersed in the topic of tattoos, considers their creation and owning as a true culture, studies the secrets of mastery. One of the first body art - 2 musical notes, which are located on the leg of a celebrity.

rihanna tattoo meaning
rihanna tattoo meaning

Most significant tattoos

  • A tattoo of small stars runs along the neck and goes down the singer’s back. Completely painted stars and their contours appear chaotic, but in fact they form a harmonious cascade that looks very effective. Especially when the singer wears outfits that open her back. Interestingly, this tattoo has undergone several phases of development. At first it was a small group of celestial luminaries on the neck, which gradually grew to the present body-image. The first group was made in 2008 in Los Angeles. The continuation of the tattoo is the work of the beloved master Rihanna Keith McCardy.
  • Another small star can be seen inside the singer’s left ear. This is one of the first tattoos that appeared on the body of a star due to the arrival of her friend from Barbados. The meeting brought both many positive emotions, which were reflected in the permanent body-image. According to the singer, that day they wanted to do something extravagant and crazy. The best idea was a new tattoo.
  • The inscription «rebelle fleur» on the artist’s neck is literally translated as a «rebellious flower». The expression in French has been repeatedly criticized by philologists. According to the rules, a noun in French always stands before an adjective. The singer had an answer. Rihanna said that the correct translation of the inscription «flower rebel», so she used two nouns, which does not contradict the rules of grammar.
  • There are tattooed Roman numerals on the shoulder of a celebrity. According to the singer’s words, this is the date of birth of her best friend Melissa (November 4, 1986). As it turned out, a similar tattoo - Rihanna’s birthday in Roman numerals - can be seen on Melissa’s body. In this way, these two girls shared their warm feelings for each other.
  • The depiction of a small Christian cross on the clavicle is a testament to her spirituality. She was born into a Christian family where Orthodox canons and traditions were honored. According to the singer, there were moments in her life when she doubted her faith. We are talking about difficult times in the girl’s life, when she experienced disappointment and despair due to unflattering statements of music critics about her album «Anti» (2016), which was called inconsistent and mediocre. However, she always remained a Christian and was able to cope with temporary troubles.
  • You can see some beautiful works that have changed over the years on the hands of a celebrity. In 2011, a chevron pattern appeared on Rihanna’s right hand. In 2013, over the chevron was applied a tiny henna ornament with an abundance of small details. The author of the creative project is the favorite master Bang Bang. According to the singer, she was so inspired by the art of henna that she wanted to have a similar tattoo on her body. The drawing is decorative, feminine and graceful.
  • Rihanna’s hand was tattooed with an elaborate Māori design. At first, the pattern covered only the thumb. This body art was made during a celebrity trip to New Zealand. The pattern was made with the help of traditional Maori tools – drill bit and hammer. To wear the symbol of Maori culture on her hand, the singer had to undergo a painful tattooing procedure. In 2013, she returned to New Zealand to enlarge the pattern, which continued on her wrist. Delicate ornament serves not only decoration, but also carries a deep meaning - symbolizes strength and love.
rihanna tattoo meaning
rihanna tattoo meaning
rihanna tattoo meaning
  • The «Shhh...» tattoo on the index finger has served as an example for many celebrities.
  • For example, similar body-images were applied to the fingers following Rihanna Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan. If the singer no longer wants to listen to anyone, she only has to show her opponent her finger. The hand-written word «Love» is tattooed on the middle finger of the left hand. The inscription is made on the same side as the singer’s heart, indicating the important role of the emotions, feelings and love experiences that occur in her life.
  • A large body-image of the Egyptian goddess Isis is tattooed in the area of Rihanna’s chest. The body art is located in the middle of the thorax. The wings of the goddess are spread right and left directly under the singer’s breast.
  • The singer of the famous composition “Umbrella” depicted a perfect woman in honor of her grandmother, who died of an incurable disease in 2012. After completing her work, the singer wrote on her Instagram page that her grandmother would always remain in her heart.
  • On the body of a celebrity you can see the inscription made in Arabic script, which is translated as «Freedom is the faith in God».
  • On the left side of the chest is an image of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The name of the queen is translated as «A beautiful woman has come». The drawing symbolizes femininity, which is harmoniously combined with strength and independence.
  • Words of Sanskrit prayer are tattooed on the hip of the artist, which are translated as «truthfulness and restraint». This is the first permanent body art that appeared on Rihanna’s body thanks to the efforts of the master Bang Bang. The hit singer wanted to write on her leg from behind, but Kate McCurdy convinced her to choose another place. The girl at that time took only the first steps in beautification of the body with tattoos, so she trusted the experience of the master. The result exceeded expectations. Since then she has unconditionally trusted the master Bang Bang and listened to his advice.
  • On the ankle there is a tattoo of a falcon, which concealed an old tattoo in the form of musical notes. According to the singer, the bird represents God. This is the «king in the sky», which is a symbol of power, high social status and well-being. The numbers «1988» are embossed next to the figure of the falcon. This is the year of the artist’s birth. On the same ankle at the back you can see an image of a skull with crossed bones. The red bow on the top of the head does not associate the skull with danger, but on the contrary, looks cute and charming.

Fans of the singer do not doubt that Rihanna will not stop there and will continue to decorate the body with drawings.

rihanna tattoo meaning
rihanna tattoo meaning
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