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Realism tattoo style: why is it
so popular and its features

Realism tattoo style is one of the most popular options, which is characterized by many advantages, including entertainment and spectacle.

The feature is a reliable transmission of the external characteristics of the object. This is one of the most complex styles that requires the tattoo artist practical skills, patience and calmness. Drawing contours and coloring a body image takes longer than creating a tattoo in a different style. The master needs to understand aspects of geometric shapes, light and shadows. It will take a lot of effort to properly convey the features of the face, the smallest features of animal hair or to recreate the natural landscape.

Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo

What are the
characteristics of realism tattoos?

If you’re going to do a realistic tattoo, get ready to take up more space on your body.

To create body images in the style of Realism requires fine detail. The master will need more space to work through the small details, strokes and shadows. To get a tattoo in the style of Realism, it usually takes more time, which is due to the need for fine detail.

Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo

Why did realism
tattoos become popular?

Tattoo in a realistic style is the perfect solution for people who want to get a complex, detailed body image.

This design remains relevant regardless of fashion trends. Advantages of tattoo in the style of Realism:

  1. Versatility.
    1. The style is suitable for creating images of objects, plants and animals, portraits of people. It is possible to use any colors, which expands the possibilities for creative experiments.
  2. Compatibility with other styles.
    1. Realistic images can contain elements of graphics, geometry, abstraction and yet look harmonious.
  3. Natural, fresh look.
    1. The body images look like photographs. The work of talented craftsmen literally come to life as the body moves.

The relative disadvantage of style is the likely increase in the intensity of pain caused by the need to work out the elements and apply several layers of color. Realistic tattoos will be a vivid reminder of important events, people and pets. To the tattoo meets expectations, choose an experienced master. Professional training and artistic skills are required for realistic body images.

Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo

Methods of creating Realism tattoos

Body images in the Realism style are distinguished by a fine detail.

The master uses various techniques to achieve the effect of authenticity - shading, hatching, creating glare and volume. The important point is the choice of the place on the body to get the body image. To avoid distortions in the future, you need to choose areas of the skin that are not prone to stretching and deformation. Typically, realistic sketches are applied on the back and chest, shoulders, forearms and ankles.

Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo
A realism tattoo is
exactly how it sounds

Realism is the art of the precise transmission of reality.

The art of painting and sculpture originated in the Renaissance. Realistic paintings were painted by renowned artists of the past Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian and Rembrandt. The main features of the direction - aesthetics and accurate representation of reality in all variety. Although Realism departs from the idealization inherent in Romanticism, artistic appeal remains the artist’s main task. One of the main principles of tattoo Realism - attention to detail. Other features:

  • Volume and 2D-effect.
  • Light and Shadow.
  • Natural colors.
  • Depth, texture and contrast.

Realistic tattoo is performed without clear bold lines. Display of light and shadows is an important point to which an experienced tattoo artist pays attention. The master uses blurry halftones. Ideally, the finished work has no traces of the sketch - the layout. The effect of depth and contrast is achieved by applying several layers of ink of different colors. The tattoo artist uses different needles. Due to the great amount of work, it often takes several sessions to complete the tattoo.

Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo
BW and colored tattoos

Realistic tattoos are black and white and colored.

Body images made in black and gray ink look elegant and refined. Color realistic body images may be also bright and spectacular.

Black and gray tattoos - the historical basis of the culture, which has had its relevance in our day. Often the master uses the Grey Wash technique when black ink is diluted to different concentrations to get different shades of gray. As a result, the tattoo artist creates monochrome body images with multifaceted and smooth color transitions.

It is easier to achieve maximum detail with black and grey ink. If the master uses color ink, it is more difficult to isolate the smallest details, which may be due to a lack of contrast tint. To make the image balanced, the master can leave some areas blank. The technique allows you to focus and create a sense of depth.

Color tattoos in the style of Realism acquire a special realism due to the use of different shades and sophisticated techniques. The result is a two-dimensional picture that allows the full transmission of reality.

Realism tattoo
Realism tattoo
Realism Tattoo Designs:
Everything You Need to Know

When choosing a design take into account personal preferences and meaning.

The plot can reflect the qualities and features of character, point of views, worldview and feelings of a person. Design options:

  1. Portraits.
    1. Choose images of celebrities and loved ones to always wear on the body cause for pleasant memories.
  2. Pets are a popular topic for creating realistic tattoos.
    1. This design is chosen by people who are sincerely attached to a pet or have experienced the pain of loss.
  3. Totemic, symbolic animals and birds, which are mascots and emphasize the features of human character.
    1. Variants - images of tiger and lion, wolf and bear, eagle and panda. In this case, there are no restrictions. You can select images of marine or exotic animals.
  4. Fictional characters - Phoenix, Unicorn, Dragon.
    1. Usually, body images have a deep meaning, attract luck and help overcome obstacles in life’s path.
  5. Naturalistic landscapes, plants and flowers.
    1. The ideal choice for tattoo in the style of Realism.

Some people prefer to create images of the countries and cities they visited, architectural attractions and works of art. Others choose spectacular and meaningful footage from movies or religious storylines. Ultimately, the choice depends only on personal preferences.

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