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Disney princess tattoos:
interesting sketch ideas

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t seen Disney movies, especially the ones that tell us the stories of beautiful princesses.

Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and others – these strong Disney female characters have great values and qualities.

Stationery and clothes with Disney princess pictures are quite popular among children. But what about princess tattoos that many adults get? In this article, we will consider why Disney characters are so popular for sketches, discuss tattoo variety and meanings.

Disney princess tattoos
Disney princess tattoos
Disney princess tattoos

Princess tattoos:
the reasons for popularity

Why might a person want to get a princess tattoo?

The reasons vary considerably. Some people just want to decorate their bodies with an interesting and extraordinary sketch. Others may associate themselves with a particular Disney character and want to develop similar traits. For such individuals, tattoos may serve as a reminder of the behaviour patterns they want to develop or get rid of.

The characters and symbols illustrated in a sketch usually define the meaning of princess tattoos. Among the most popular connotations are the following:

  1. Cinderella:
    1. This princess is usually associated with inner strength, hope, and readiness to fight for a better future;
  2. Ariel:
    1. She can teach you to follow your heart and don’t be afraid of any obstacles on the way to your dream;
  3. Belle:
    1. This character reminds us that true love exists and teaches us not to judge people by their appearance;
  4. Pocahontas:
    1. Symbolizes connection with nature, courage, and strength of spirit;
  5. Jasmine:
    1. This princess shows us how to treat everyone equally, regardless of gender or social status.
Disney princess tattoos
Disney princess tattoos

The best princess tattoo locations

Choosing the most suitable sketch location in close cooperation with your tattoo artist is better.

Firstly, it may be difficult to predict whether your tattoo will look as you expect without professional help. Secondly, you should remember that some locations require more frequent corrections and longer aftercare.

Since Disney princess tattoos are usually done because of their visual attractiveness, among the most popular tattoo locations are:

  • Forearm;
  • Wrists;
  • Thighs;
  • Chest;
  • Ribs.

However, you can choose any princess tattoo location you want. Before doing it, think about which meaning it will have to you. It is believed that the more tattoo is hidden from other people, the stronger protective power it has.

Disney princess tattoos
Disney princess tattoos
Disney princess tattoos

Disney princess
tattoo ideas for women

The variety of female princess sketches is breathtaking!

Women usually opt for realistic illustrations of their favorite characters in combination with flowers, birds, or cartoon-related symbols.

However, you don’t necessarily need to use a princess image to get a Disney tattoo. Among interesting tattoo ideas, you can find the following:

  • A tiny carriage from Cinderella;
  • Disney castle tattoo from Sleeping Beauty;
  • A magic rose from Beauty and the Beast;
  • The portrait of Olaf or snowflake designs from Elsa’s journeys;
  • Mulan’s Sword.
Disney princess tattoos
Disney princess tattoos
Disney princess tattoo ideas for men

Unexpected, though it may sound, but men also get princess tattoos.

However, their sketches usually look slightly different.

Male Disney princess tattoos are usually large and eye-catching. They usually add unexpected elements to traditional characters and experiment with tattoo styles. A neo-traditional technique that is characterized by bright colours is the most popular option among men.

Princesses with tattoos, swords, and even piercings Disney sketches for men are usually very creative. For that reason, people rarely hide their masterpieces with clothes. Surprise and impress – that’s how the motto of male princess tattoo admirers may sound!

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