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Neck tattoo tutorial:
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The neck is one of the most popular parts of the body when it comes to getting tattoos.

And if a few decades ago such tattoos were considered extraordinary, now neck sketches impress with their variety and popularity.

But what should a person consider before getting a neck tattoo? In this article, we will closely examine the sketch peculiarities, styles, and possible meanings.

neck tattoo
neck tattoo
neck tattoo

Why people may
opt for a neck tattoo?

Well, the admirers of neck tattoos can be divided into two groups:

  • People who strive to attract attention;
  • Individuals who want to get a minimalistic body decoration.

The aim of the sketch defines its main features. Since the neck is a part of the body that can hardly be hidden under the clothes, you must be very cautious when getting a large and bright neck sketch.

However, if you want to raise public interest and shock other people, such options will definitely help you achieve these goals.

It is believed that a neck tattoo can help you become more confident, self-determined, and even attract good luck. But to make it work like this, you need to find a suitable neck sketch.

neck tattoo
neck tattoo

Neck tattoo sketches for women

Female neck tattoos are usually minimalistic and aesthetic.

Women frequently decide to get a tattoo at this part of the body to add elegance and mystery to their image. For that reason, among the most common neck tattoo designs are the following:

  1. Thought-provoking inscriptions:
    1. Is there anything more tender than an inscription on the neck, especially on its back side? No wonder women like to get tattooed Latin, English or French words. Moreover, some of them opt for phrases from their favourite films, books, and thoughts. Such neck tattoos can bring confidence and power to their owners.
  2. Tiny flower tattoos:
    1. Roses, daisies, peonies or flower combinations are common for neck tattoos. Such sketches are usually associated with love, passion, sensibility, and hope;
  3. Celestial elements:
    1. Zodiac tattoos can help their owners develop personal traits they lack or want. Such neck decorations also serve as powerful amulets and bring good luck;
  4. Small bird tattoos:
    1. Birds are popular among people who evaluate freedom. You can get tattooed one bird or a flock of them;
  5. Minimalistic elements:
    1. You can use any small figure or sign as a sketch for a neck tattoo. For example, heart, cross, and spikelet.
neck tattoo
neck tattoo
neck tattoo

Neck tattoo sketches for men

It would be incorrect to say that all men like large and massive neck tattoos.

Among male neck sketches, you can find many minimalistic options. However, below we will consider throat and full neck tattoos popular among men.

  1. Mandala tattoos:
    1. Mandala is a tattoo usually created in the form of a circle with various geometric elements from all sides. Such sketches are usually unique and symbolize the balance between the inner and outer worlds of a tattoo owner. Mandala neck tattoos can be both black and multi-coloured;
  2. Neotraditional tattoo sketches:
    1. This style is marked by the wide use of bright colours. Such tattoos are usually big and create a 3D effect;
  3. Wings:
    1. Lightness, free flight, and freedom – these are the first associations evoked by the image of a wing tattoo. The wings symbolise the desire to rise above earthly difficulties and problems and achieve complete spiritual freedom;
  4. Tattoos resembling scratches:
    1. Men often make neck tattoos resembling multiple lines. Some of them resemble scars or ink stains;
  5. Animalistic tattoo:
    1. Men usually opt for sketches with animals. Among the most popular option are spiders, scorpions, lions, and the like. Each animal has its own meaning depending on personal preferences of the tattoo owners.
neck tattoo
neck tattoo
Neck tattoo locations

The tattoo location is usually defined by the size, style, and color of the sketch.

Small inscriptions look equally good at any part of the neck. While large ones are usually full neck sketches.

It is believed that the neck tattoo location can tell a lot about its owner:

  • Tattoo on the back of the neck: A popular option among introverts and people who value inner peace and stability;
  • Tattoo on the front side of the neck: Such a neck tattoo usually says that its owner is an optimistic and open-minded person who loves attention;
  • Tattoo on the neck sides: This sketch is common among creative and extraordinary individuals.

All in all, if you are thinking about a neck tattoo, listen to your heart and personal preferences. You can get any sketch you want at any part of the neck. If you still can’t choose the most suitable neck tattoo sketch, look through the catalog with ideas on our website or make use of our neural network tool.

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