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Miley Cyrus tattoos
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Miley Cyrus: All Tattoos of the Star

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus became famous after starring the main role in the series «Hanna Montana», released by Disney Studio.

Later, she chose a musical career and became even more popular. She successfully recorded 7 albums. Five of them topped the US Billboard 200 chart. Miley is active in cheerleading, enjoys playing guitar, cycling and swimming.

A tattoo is one way of self-expression for Miley Cyrus. On the body of the singer there are about 30 body-images and inscriptions. Some of them carry a semantic meaning, others, according to the artist, appeared accidentally under the influence of emotional impulse. There are many tattoos on the singer’s body that are in honor of pets. Miley loves animals and feels comfortable showing her affection to the world.

A lot of tattoos are made with the singer’s ex-husband Liam Hemsworth and her close friends. Miley Cyrus' first tattoos was made in 2009, when she was 17 years old. For example, the inscription “Just Breathe” is quite famous. The inscription is made on the rib just below the left breast. It dedicated to the artist’s grandparents and her late friend Vanessa, who died because of an incurable disease. According to the singer, these words make her not take reality for granted, be grateful for the opportunity to breathe - a simple action that has become inaccessible to her loved ones. Tattoo «Just breathe» is near the heart - the place where dead beloved ones will remain forever.

miley cyrus tattoo meaning
miley cyrus tattoo meaning
miley cyrus tattoo meaning

Miley admitted to reporters that during the application of the tattoo she thinks about its meaning and meaning, which helps her to cope with the feeling of physical pain. In 2017, the singer together with actor Pete Davidson made a tattoo «We are children».

The idea was born spontaneously during the filming of an episode of the popular show «Saturday Night Live», when they played babies performing rap. Later, Pete admitted that he had removed the tattoo. Miley’s body still has an inscription on it today.

The word «Love» is tattooed on the right ear. According to the singer, love helps her to block the flow of negative information that is directed to her ears. Miley only listens to the opinions of those who love her sincerely, ignoring the statements of bad people. According to the artist, love is what really matters and makes the world revolve.

On the little finger of her right hand, the artist got a small image of the heart. The same tattoos can be seen on the hands of her parents, sister and brother. The image of the Indian amulet «Dreamcatcher» is located on the side of the chest on the right. This is the largest tattoo of Miley Cyrus. The body-image is dedicated to the singer’s family. The amulet is designed to protect her loved ones.

There’s an anchor tattoo on the wrist. Body art appeared in May 2011 to remind the singer of a safe place to return to - her home. The tattoo also symbolizes the hope and desire to always stay on your feet, despite difficulties and adversities.

miley cyrus tattoo meaning
miley cyrus tattoo meaning

The word «karma» is tattooed on the index finger of the right hand.

The term is borrowed from the Hindu religion and means that people who do good deeds are destined for a simple and happy life. Those who do bad things attract bad things to themselves.

On the ring finger of the same hand there is a sign of equality. Miley explained the meaning of this tattoo on Twitter immediately after visiting the salon. Under the photo of the new tattoo, the singer wrote: «Love is equal».

In August 2011, a skull tattoo appeared on the leg of an artist in the area of her heel. It turned out to be a pair tattoo. A similar permanent drawing was made with her ex-husband Liam. Traditionally, the skull symbolizes the transience of human life. However, associatively with the singer, the image of the skull may be related to the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Miley often refers to Hindu religious symbols. Thus, the sacral sign Om is tattooed on her hand, which means the «word force». It is the sound that completes any prayer, meditation or religious chanting and is identified with divine energy.

In 2012, Miley added to her collection of tattoos with an inscription on her hand «Love never dies». The singer did not comment on the new inscription. However, fans believe it is dedicated to Liam’s ex-husband. The fact that Liam was with the singer when she was doing the tattoo at the salon suggested this.

miley cyrus tattoo meaning

The image of the eye, which traditionally symbolizes protection from evil eye and evil forces, was made on the finger by Disney in 2012.

At the same time, Roman numerals appeared on her arm in the area of her elbow. The singer has not yet revealed their meaning to fans, although many have suggested that it is a date of birth. A little below the Roman numerals tattooed an anatomical image of the heart. The star explained that she was inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Miley’s hand bears a quote from the address of US President Theodore Roosevelt. The saying is written in a smooth italic and reads: «So that he will never be among those timid and cold souls who are not familiar with either victory or defeat». Roosevelt’s words underscore the need to keep moving forward - better to try and fail than to sit back. According to Miley, this quote helps her rise and move on with her life in moments of failure. Interestingly, the singer’s ex-husband also had a line from Roosevelt’s speech on her hand.

The word «Bad» is tattooed on the middle finger of the right hand. The tattoo is a tribute to singer Michael Jackson and his «Bad» album. She admits to being a fan of Jackson’s work, which inspired her more than other musicians in her early career.

The crossed arrows on the elbow of the right hand are an Indian symbol that signifies friendship. Miley has not yet told who the tattoo is for. Another Indian symbol is a bear claw tattooed on the arm symbolizing strength and aspiration for leadership.

An interesting tattoo is made on the soles of the singer’s feet. On one foot the word «Rolling», on the other - «Stone». The inscriptions appeared in 2013 after the publication of a photo of Miley Cyrus on the cover of the popular magazine «Rolling Stone». On the right wrist is a chain of the original symbols that were found on the stone walls. This delicate work with an abundance of small, filigree details was made by the famous tattoo artist - Dr Wu.

miley cyrus tattoo meaning
miley cyrus tattoo meaning

Tattoos dedicated to the family

There are many tattoos on the singer’s body dedicated to the family, indicating a warm relationship and attachment to her loved ones.

On her hand there is a realistic black-and-gray portrait of Miley’s grandmother. Under the photograph of the tattoo on Twitter, the singer wrote: «Because I am her favorite and she is mine». The word «Wükong» is tattooed on the hand. This is the nickname of her younger brother Brace. On the right foot the word «dad» is inscribed on the side, on the left foot there is a symmetrical inscription «mom». On the back of the hand is knocked out the year of birth of Father Miley - 1961. Father is dedicated another tattoo - a picture of a motorcycle on the shoulder.

miley cyrus tattoo meaning
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