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Justin Bieber tattoos
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Justin Bieber: all the
singer’s tattoos and their meaning

Popular singer and musician Justin Bieber has been performing on a large stage since the age of 15.

The Grammy Award winner and five-time winner of the NRJ Music Awards (Cannes Ceremony) sold over 100 million records throughout his career. He also won the MTV Europe Music Awards 21 times, a record for a single artist. The famous artist is fond of karting, golf, skateboarding, basketball and other sports. He loves animals and Italian food. Another passion that Justin Bieber’s fans have repeatedly admitted is the tattoo. However, many fans of the singer will be surprised that his body tattooed 60 body-images.

justin bieber tattoo meaning

The most significant animal tattoos

Body art focuses on music, religion, good luck charms and animals.

For example, a bear made during a trip to New Zealand represents strength, endurance and relaxation. A strong, tireless bear hibernates because it needs rest. Justin admitted to Vogue journalists that he, like many successful people, often forgets about rest, is in a hurry, and does not think that such a rhythm of life can lead to physical and nervous exhaustion. The bear is one of the artist’s last and most favorite tattoos.

Justin Bieber’s animal tattoo collection includes a lion. The king of wild nature. It is a symbol of fearlessness, strength and power. Thanks to this body art, the singer finds the courage to cope with life’s difficulties and obstacles. A bird tattooed on the neck, according to the artist, reminds him that it is necessary to properly use all the gifts given by God. This tattoo calls for flying above all clouds.

Justin’s shoulder is tattooed with an eagle that symbolizes greatness, victory, wisdom and courage. Later, the tattoo was slightly transformed - the bird had the wings of an angel. Another eagle tattoo was placed on the stomach of the artist. A giant bird with open wings occupies the entire area of the abdominal press above the navel. The owl on the artist’s hand means wisdom.

justin bieber tattoo meaning
justin bieber tattoo meaning

Tattoos related to religion

Body art focuses on music, religion, good luck charms and animals. Justin Bieber considers himself to be a deeply religious man.

On the musician’s chest is tattooed a cross, which is a symbol of the Christian faith and a reminder of the agony Jesus had to endure in order to correct people’s mistakes. The quotation from Psalm 119:105 reads: «Your Word is the guide for my feet, the light on my path». The inscription is broken out on the right shoulder blade. This tattoo indicates the sincerity and depth of the Canadian musician’s faith.

A small cross was tattooed on the left eye in 2016. A little above the navel there is a large inscription «Son of God», which clearly indicates his status and perception of himself. The image of Jesus Christ is carved in 2012 on the shin of the artist. Other religious tattoos are angel figures and a gothic cathedral drawing. The angel’s wings tattoo is on the back of the neck. It took almost four hours to complete this body art.

justin bieber tattoo meaning

Tattoos related to music

Justin Bieber’s tattoos cover his entire body.

They are placed on the singer’s arms, legs, neck, back and chest. At the age of 16 the artist made his first tattoo. Since then, their number has been increasing every year. The occasion is important events in the life of a celebrity. Many tattoos are associated with the release of a regular release or album. For example, the body-image of a peach on the neck appeared in connection with the release of the single «Peaches» in 2021.

The musical issue continues the tattoo in the form of a violin key, which is behind the singer’s left ear. In 2015, Justin tattooed a «Trust» on his right hand on the inside of his elbow joint. This is the title of the song from his Purpose album. The inscription «Believe» on the hand is made in honor of the eponymous album in 2012. Another musical symbol, the Japanese kanji character, rests on the singer’s hand. The depiction of a boombox on his arm also attests to Justin’s love of music.

justin bieber tattoo meaning
justin bieber tattoo meaning
Lucky tattoo

The star is tattooed on his hand as a symbol of prosperity and luck.

The star also means exploring, finding your way and protecting yourself from trouble. An image of brocade carp (Koi fish) was applied to the left forearm in 2012. In Asian culture, this fish is considered to bring luck and happiness. Another talisman that condemns the owner to success and prosperity - billiard ball with the number «8» inside. This tattoo is on Justin’s right forearm.

justin bieber tattoo meaning
Other tattoos

On the singer’s body there are many tattoos in the form of roses.

One of the flowers decorates the singer’s neck. The work was done by the famous master - Doctor Wu. Many fans of Justin Bieber believe that this drawing is dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The reason for such conclusions was the letter «S», which some fans saw inside the bud.

The letter «G» is tattooed on the hand of a celebrity in 2015 in honor of the daughter of his friend Chad Wich. A girl named Georgia has an incurable brain disease. Justin posted his photo to Instagram and commented, «She has the sweetest soul in the world, she’s incredible». Similar letters «G» dedicated to Georgia can be seen on the bodies of Selena Gomez, Hayley Baldwin and Ashley Benson.

The artist’s hand is tattooed with the name «Bieber» in Korean. After appearing on the body of this permanent drawing, he wrote on his Instagram page: «I love Korea». You can not doubt the words of the musician, because on his body you can consider another tattoo associated with this East Asian country. In March 2014, a Korean mask appeared on the singer’s right hand.

On his left forearm is a portrait of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. This is an exact replica of a series of photographs taken during a photo shoot for Elle magazine. Justin later revealed to reporters that Selena was his ex-girlfriend, and whatever their lives may be now, everyone remembers their relationship in the past.

justin bieber tattoo meaning
justin bieber tattoo meaning

A red heart is tattooed on the musician’s right forearm.

Beneath it there is an angel figure and several leaves. The character from the computer game Super Mario Brothers can be ssen on Justin’s hand. On the right ribs there is the number «1975» Roman numerals. This is the year of birth of his mother Patty Mullett.

The compass tattoo on the right shoulder indicates fidelity and balance, clear adherence to the chosen life path. The image of the card suit «pike» can testify about the love of gambling.

The inscription «Be Better In 70» is on the left thigh front. Justin commented on the tattoo on the Instagram page. He wrote that he had made mistakes in life, had doubts and uncertainty, wasted time. The inscription helps to learn from past mistakes, makes it faster, plan its time and do better. According to the artist, you have to work every day to be better at 70 than you are now.

Two pistols on the hand with crossed blows are accompanied by the inscription «Make them pay». A similar tattoo is in Justin’s friend, Pastor Carl Lenz. He is a fan of the famous graffiti and street art artist Banksy. Thanks to his passion for this kind of art, a copy of Banksy’s drawing «Girl with a balloon» appeared on the artist’s body.

The word «Grace» is written in italic over the artist’s right eyebrow. This is the work of the famous master Bang Bang. According to the master, this is not a traditional pair tattoo. A similar pattern is carved on the body of Justin’s wife, Hayley. Until the couple divulges the meaning of body art.

According to the artist, there is still enough space on his back to make new permanent drawings. He shared with fans the far-reaching plans to place on his back portraits of his future children.

justin bieber tattoo meaning
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