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Jungkook's tattoo: a
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Jungkook's tattoo is a famous singer, dancer, and songwriter from South Korea.

He gained worldwide popularity after becoming a BTS (Bangtan Boys) member.Jungkook's tattoo joined the Asian boy band at the age of 15 and became its youngest vocalist.

In 2022 the singer started a career as a solo artist and has already released his own music products. Despite the negative attitude to tattoo trends in South Korea, in 2019, Jungkook's tattoo surprised his fans with tattoos on his hands. Some people supported the singer’s desire to decorate the body, while others showered him with criticism.

However, due to the fact that now Jungkook's tattoo has more than 10 tattoos, he has already become a devoted tattoo admirer. Let’s look at some of the most famous Jungkook's tattoo body illustrations together!

jeon jungkook tattoo meaning

Legendary Jungkook tattoos

JK tattoos are associated with a crossword since the singer doesn’t comment on his tattoos.

For that reason, his fan club continues to monitor new Jungkook's tattoo body illustrations and try to define their meanings.

Among Jeon Jungkook’s tattoos common features are the following:

  • Mostly dark-colored;
  • Symbolic meaning;
  • Relatively small sizes;
  • Located on hands.

Most of Jeon Jungkook’s tattoos convey strong meaning and show his love for the BTS members, fans, and music as a whole.

jeon jungkook tattoo meaning
jeon jungkook tattoo meaning

What is written in Jungkook's tattoo?

Among the most famous Jungkook's tattoo tattoos can be found two interesting inscriptions:

  1. “Rather be dead than cool”:
    1. There's a crossword tattoo on Jungkook's forearm. The vertical letters in the design create the phrase «Rather be dead than cool», which is a quote from the Nirvana song "Stay Away". During a live broadcast in April 2018, Jungkook mentioned how much he loves this phrase and that it has become his life motto.
  2. “Make hay while the sun shines”:
    1. Jungkook's horizontal crossword phrase was first seen publicly in BTS's "ON" music video. This phrase is an old proverb that encourages listeners not to waste time.
jeon jungkook tattoo meaning

Some of the most
popular JK tattoos meanings

  1. ARMY:
    1. The first tattoo made by Jungkook's tattoo. He made it on the hand so that it will always be seen. This tattoo is devoted to BTS fans. “I'm so proud of our ARMY. It would be pointless to make such a tattoo in a place where it would not be visible,” – said Jungkook's tattoo;
  2. Tiger:
    1. Jungkook's tattoo has a tiger tattoo on his forearm. In Korean symbolism, tigers are symbols of good luck, courage, and pride;
  3. Treble clef:
    1. Jungkook added it next to his tattoo "Rather be dead than cool" and "Make hay while the sun shines". This body illustration shows the singer’s love and devotion to music;
  4. 0613:
    1. These numbers can be seen on JK's thumb. The tattoo is devoted to BTS' debut in the K-POP world in 2013;
  5. Big clock and microphone:
    1. The clock shows Jeon Jungkook's birth time. This tattoo is connected with the microphone and virtually means, “I was born to sing”.
jeon jungkook tattoo meaning
jeon jungkook tattoo meaning

Interesting facts about
Jeon Jungkook tattoos

The idol has many tattoos, and unfortunately, not all of them were perfect.

Moreover, over time, Jungkook's tastes changed, and he decided to change some of his tattoos.

  • He replaced the tattoo with an eye with the inscription "Bullet Proof". Jungkook said that his previous tattoo reminded him that people were constantly watching him;
  • JK also had a black tattoo of a cloud, but later he changed colors and added contrasting contours;
  • Near his wrist, Jungkook had a trigram, which in Korean culture personifies the sky, but later the idol got a snake tattoo in this place. He says it symbolizes continuous growth.
jeon jungkook tattoo meaning
Drawing the line

Jungkook's tattoo can boast of many interesting tattoos.

He prefers body decorations with deep symbolism and devotes most tattoos to his main passion – music. The singer doesn't like to comment on his tattoos, but it is obvious that Jungkook has become a big fan of tattoos, and new illustrations are likely to appear.

jeon jungkook tattoo meaning
jeon jungkook tattoo meaning
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