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Interesting Hand Tattoo For Men –Ideas
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What is the best
tattoo for a man's hand?

As you might notice there are plenty space on body to get inked.

Variety of styles and combinations are numerous. Only few places on the body are always exposed. But in other cases all tattoos can be hidden with a dress code. However, one of the places on the arm where you just can’t hide drawings is hand. Nevertheless, the hand is the place where the drawing says a lot about its owner. For those who want to show their strength, courage and independence these tats can become the bullhorn of their mindset. But some places on the hand can be stealthy. Small compositions are applied on wrist, which can be hidden if necessary, using ​​bracelets, watches, chains.

man hand tattoo design
man hand tattoo design

Hand tattoo

A tattoo on the hand requires tattoo artist to be skillful and experienced, although it may seem too simple at the first sight.

There are no muscles or fat layers under the hands skin, just plenty of nerve endings and bones. That is why hands are the tricky places for a tattoo on the arms. Ink must be put carefully and quickly, otherwise it may be unpleasant for the client and a painful shock will be experienced before the work is completed. Due to the fact that the hands are most susceptible to the influences coming outside, often even the best tattoo is getting faint over time and needs to be corrected. Common styles for hands are old school, blackwork (hands are one of the best places for inscription tattoos), geometric style.

man hand tattoo design
man hand tattoo design
man hand tattoo design

Simple Hand Tattoo

Tattoos on the hands have an ancient history.

They can be seen on the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the druids who applied ancient runes for spells, Indian Brahmins and European shamans. The hand in many cultures is a special, magical place. It is believed that there are many points that affect the health and fate of a person on it. You can’t hide the hand anywhere, except in winter in a glove. You can make a large and bright tat on the hand, or you can stop yourself on a small tattoo on your wrist. Wrist tattoos get attention, that’s why you need to be certain about getting inked there.

Look at some designs which we think should be done on hand:

  • Patterns that can take any shape.
  • Drawings fit into a circle or square - an animal's head, a bird, a flower, a skull, the sun, or a compass. The tattoo on the hand looks great when it covers it entirely, and the surface of the brush is round-square.
  • Something simple: one or two objects or a pattern.
man hand tattoo design
man hand tattoo design

Massive Hand Tattoo

However, simple tattoos on the hand are not as popular as massive ones on the entire back of the hand.

Often this is a large drawing of a rose, a skull, a mandala. If you have found a sacred meaning in such designs for yourself, then feel free to tattoo them. However, if you just want your hand to get inked and later go up or the hand tat to be the final stroke of something much bigger, then look for yourself or consult with your artist about a less trivial design.

man hand tattoo design
man hand tattoo design
man hand tattoo design

Men's tattoos on
the side of hand

A tattoo on the side of hand is one of the most exotic and rare thing in nowadays tat trends, but we must write about it, because we found it underrated.

Typically, a few types of images are applied on this part of the hand. One of the most popular is the eye. Geometrically, the side of the hand is more suitable for rounded patterns. A tattoo on the side is perfectly suitable for inscriptions. There is even less space in this area than on the wrist, so design of this area is often combined with tattoos which go lower the hand.

man hand tattoo design
man hand tattoo design
Japanese Hand Tattoos

The Japanese style on this part of the hand adheres to its modern canons.

The only difference is the shape of the hand. It is necessary to choose not only the appropriate design, but also to place it correctly on the hand. The most common designs are oni demon masks, kitsune, carp or snake images. Of course, all this in combination with the color scheme and Japanese paraphernalia, which made the Japanese style recognizable. By the way, one of the original reasons for tattooing in Japan was the value of the ward. Nowadays, few people put some meaning into tattoo, and it just is a permanent adornment of the body. However, if you were looking for a ward for yourself, then this style will suit you perfectly, because of its orientalism, which evokes unique spirituality.

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