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Aesthetics of geometric tattoos:
simplicity in complex compositions

Geometry is not only the science of shapes, proportions and figures.

It is not limited to the branch of mathematics, but covers the entire Universe. Forms make up everything we know and see in the material world. DNA molecules, icy patterns on the winter windows, leaves, the rising and setting sun, the mind and even life itself. All these examples consist of certain patterns that are repeated.

The world of tattoo art is not bypassed by geometry. This style is based on lines, curves, simple and complex shapes. Also, for complex and aesthetically attractive compositions, masters use additional elements.

The key idea of geometric tattoos is to use the simplest details to create a large and complex body image.

Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo


Elements of geometric body art can be traced in different cultures throughout history.

They beautified the bodies of Indian tribes, Maori (New Zealand), Celts, as well as tribes from the Philippines and other regions.

In the modern world, the geometric tattoo has received a powerful impetus and transformed into a separate style. The reason for this was the rapid development of computer technology and the emergence of new techniques for gettiing tattoos. Artists began experimenting with geometric shapes and visually complex compositions. Working on new sketches, they created the basis for many innovative designs.

Elements of geometric style can be found throughout the history of body art. However, as a separate direction, such tattoos have only gained recognition over the past two decades.

Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo

The main elements and motives

Regardless of style and colors, identifying geometric tattoos is not difficult.

Their designs are usually simple and repetitive. The minimum required to create a unique design is one geometric figure seen in the sketch.

Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo


To create a unique tattoo, you can use such simple shapes as a diamond. The diamond-shaped body image of the crystal symbolizes purity, intelligence, transparency, strength and endurance. Diamond is considered one of the most common figures for creating geometric tattoos.

Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo


Images of symbolic, favorite or totem animals are a great idea for tattoo sketch design. In this case, you can combine the graphics with other styles. It is possibleto make a tattoo using simple shapes.

Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo


Detailed mandala is a fairly common symbol. It represents integrity, unity, cyclical and harmony with nature. Mandalas symbolize the spiritual path and cosmic order of things.

Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo

Sacred geometry

The philosophy of sacred geometry admits that the meaning and symbolism of certain forms and proportions are predicted.

According to this direction, geometry is the "architecture of the universe."

From a scientific point of view, models of sacred geometry simultaneously satisfy the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Examples of such figures can be:

  • The flower of life consists of repeating and symmetrically arranged rings. They form a pleasant pattern for perception.
  • A metatron cube is a complex of 13 rings interacting with 5 Platonic bodies.
  • Sri Yantra is the most famous and common of all tantric yantra in Hinduism. This symbol depicts cosmic order and spiritual energy as such.
  • The Fibonacci spiral is used to express ideal shapes and proportions. It symbolizes the development of life, reflects growth and harmony in nature.

Probably, such models satisfy the desire of the left hemisphere of the brain for logical, consistent and objective data. They also satisfy the right hemisphere of the brain for random, intuitive and subjective data. That is why we can enjoy contemplating these structured but dynamic figures.

Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo

The meaning of other elements of tattoos in geometric style:

  • Zigzags and straight, or abstract lines symbolize chaos, the movement of energies, the dynamics of life.
  • Circle and ring display infinity, repeatability, union.
  • The triangle embodies balance, energy and dynamics. Its obtuse angles can symbolize obstacles or difficult life moments.
  • The square is a symbol of rational thinking, order and stability.
  • The hexagon represents the balance and beauty of proportions.
Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo
Choice of colors

Geometric tattoos are made mainly in black.

However, sketches in this style will look great with other colors. Try a combination of blue and purple to give the body image a more spooky atmosphere. Red, orange and yellow shades will create the illusion of fire.

You can also use color only on one half of the tattoo to get a collage effect. This approach is especially relevant when, in addition to geometry, other styles are used in the sketch.

The unique and intricate patterns of each geometric tattoo focus on shapes found in nature. These are usually perfect geometric objects. They must be symmetrical and form a complex body image.

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