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Gemini tattoo:
meanings, symbols, and peculiarities

Energy, independence, sociability, sociability, sense of humour, and curiosity – these traits are the best for describing the temper of people belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign.

People born between May 21 and June 21 belong to the Air element and are ruled by the Mercury – the planet of fire.

Representatives of this Zodiac sign are inquisitive and erudite interlocutors with eternal energy and numerous talents. They easily build relations with completely different people and usually have many friends. The life of Gemini is active and full. They easily adapt to any circumstances and are always ready for adventures.

Since Gemini loves to stand out from the crowd and be the centre of attention, there are many tattoo admirers among them. Below, we will consider the most popular Gemini tattoo meanings, locations, and trends. So, let’s begin!

gemini tattoo design
gemini tattoo design
gemini tattoo design

Symbols used for Gemini tattoos

Turning to mythology

It is believed that the Gemini zodiac sign originated from ancient Greece. According to legend, Zeus had twin sons, Castor and Pollux, together known as the Dioscuri. When Castor was killed in battle, Polydeuces asked his father, Zeus, to deprive him of immortality because he could not live with such grief. The father complied with his request and took the twin brothers to heaven. Now, the zodiac sign Gemini is associated with the hands of the twin brothers Castor and Polideukos.

Key Gemini symbols

There are several things associated with this zodiac. However, all of them are joined by one similar feature – they show the duality and variability of Gemini.

  1. Face mask:
    1. It symbolizes the ability of Geminis to hide their emotions and inborn talent for acting;
  2. Glyph:
    1. Two lines joined together. This sign is the embodiment of knowledge gates that lead to the chambers of wisdom;
  3. Twins:
    1. Realistic illustrations of twins are common for Gemini tattoos. The age and gender of depicted people or even animals may vary.

In most cases, the representatives of this zodiac sign choose exactly those symbols in their tattoo sketches. The admirers of minimalistic body pictures may also opt for various inscriptions like “Gemini” or their birth dates.

gemini tattoo design
gemini tattoo design

What may a Gemini tattoo mean?

People usually get zodiac tattoos to:

  • Enhance traits they inherited from the celestial world;
  • Motivate themselves to develop the qualities they lack;
  • Just to show they are proud to be born under a particular zodiac sign;
  • Decorate their bodies.

Astrologers say that a Gemini tattoo can attract positive emotions and help a tattoo owner develop intuition in business and achieve success in his or her career and private life. So, such a sketch may serve not only as a beautiful decoration but a powerful amulet.

It is also believed that a Gemini tattoo can reduce the importance of the Air element in a person's life. In such a way, a person may get rid of excessive emotionality and unnecessary love affairs.

gemini tattoo design
gemini tattoo design
gemini tattoo design

Gemini tattoo location:
looking for the best option

Well, people can place zodiac tattoos on any part of their body.

However, most tattoo artists say that the sketch placement may influence its meaning. So, if you want your Gemini tattoo to become a powerful amulet, think about getting the following:

  • Gemini chest tattoo;
  • Gemini back tattoo;
  • Gemini neck tattoo. (especially good for people with long hair)

On the other hand, if you don’t believe in jinx or other evil things, you can get:

  • Gemini wrist tattoo;
  • Gemini forehand tattoo.

A Gemini tattoo on the wrist may symbolise lust for success and recognition. At the same time, it may help you develop the skills of prediction and find the right solutions in various life situations.

The forehand Gemini tattoo will improve your ability to concentrate and give you patience, restraint self-control. It is also believed to help the tattoo owner get rid of bad thoughts and take control over personal destiny.

gemini tattoo design
gemini tattoo design
Gemini tattoo trends

Most people prefer black-coloured Gemini tattoos.

But if you want to boost its positive impact on your life, add yellow elements – it is believed to be the most favourable colour for Geminis.

Gemini sketches usually vary in style and may be done using these techniques:

  • Graphics;
  • Linework;
  • Realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Handpoke.

To make your Gemini tattoo stand out from the crowd, you may also combine it with additional elements. They usually include flowers, stars, inscriptions, and memorable dates. All in all, listen to your heart, get inspiration from other sketches, be creative, and you will come up with the idea of a perfect Gemini tattoo!

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