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Face Tattoo
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Face tattoos as a way to
stand out from the crowd

Getting a face tattoo is a very brave decision that may be taken only by somewhat extraordinary and even crazy people.

However, the number of such tattoo admirers continues to grow, making face sketches more and more common. What should you take into account before getting a face tattoo? How to choose the perfect sketch and location? You will find answers to these and other topic-related questions in our article!

Face tattoo
Face tattoo
Face tattoo

Face tattoos: a new
trend or ancient tradition?

Facial tattoos have a long and sophisticated history.

It is believed that they originated nearly 4,000 years ago and were worn by the indigenous people to show their group belonging, social status, and connection with their ancestors. In other words, face tattoos showed the identity of a person.

Despite the fact that such a tradition has almost died out, some people are very enthusiastic about getting a facial decoration. What’s more, among facial tattoo admirers, there are many celebrities. Lil Pump, Drake, Justin Bieber, Amber Rose, Kehlani, and others – this list is quite long.

Face tattoo
Face tattoo

Things to consider before
getting a facial tattoo?

Despite being so attractive, face tattoos may be viewed as an extraordinary image element.

If you are thinking about getting such a tattoo, consider the disadvantages it may hide. Here are some of the most pivotal ones:

  1. Job issues
    1. For some office workers, face tattoos may mean the end of their career. Due to statistics, most companies allow employees to have only tattoos that can be hidden with clothes. For that reason, consider whether facial decoration won’t be an obstacle for your professional growth.
  2. Generation gap
    1. If you are thinking about making a face tattoo, be ready to become an object of great attention. People, especially representatives of the older generation, may gaze at you with great interest if not condemnation. So, make sure you are confident and determined enough not to feel uncomfortable with it.
  3. Painful procedure and long aftercare
    1. Since our face doesn’t have a thick fat layer, your tattoo session has little chance of becoming a pleasant experience. If you can’t stand such a level of pain, a master may apply an anaesthetic gel to ease your sensibility. Note that the aftercare period may be longer than it is with the tattoos on other parts of the body because of enlarged pores and oily skin.
Face tattoo
Face tattoo
Face tattoo

The best face tattoo locations

If the cons of facial tattoos mentioned above are not a problem for you, such an option can greatly emphasize your image and add to your confidence.

Face tattoos are popular among the representatives of creative professions: singers, songwriters, artists, and the like. What’s more, facial sketches are equally common among men and women.

Popular face tattoo locations:

  1. Head tattoos:
    1. This option is popular among bold and short-haired men. Such tattoos can be easily hidden with hair, a hat or a cap, that’s very convenient;
  2. Tattoos above eyebrows:
    1. It is one of the most popular face tattoo types that is done by men and women. For eyebrow tattoo sketches, you can use different inscriptions or small symbols;
  3. Cheekbone tattoos:
    1. It is an excellent solution for people willing to place similar symmetrical tattoos from both sides of their face;
  4. Forehead tattoos:
    1. The upper part of the forehead is frequently used for tattooing inscriptions along the hairline.

Devoted admirers of large tattoos also like sketches that stretch from neck to head. This option is definitely for the bravest of us.

Face tattoo
Face tattoo

Face tattoos for women:
popular elements

Well, it won’t be correct to divide tattoo elements strictly into male and female categories.

However, some of the symbols are more often used by the representatives of a particular gender.

So, among the most popular face tattoos among women are the following:

  • Symbolic inscriptions;
  • Flowers;
  • Constellations;
  • Mandalas;
  • Heart and infinity symbol;
  • Dots that resemble moles.
Face tattoos for women
Face tattoos for women
Face tattoos for women
Face tattoos for men:
popular elements

Male face tattoos are usually massive and eye-catching.

Since facial skin has some peculiarities, in most cases, the sketches are black-coloured. Men frequently use the following symbols in their facial tattoo sketches:

  • Crosses;
  • Inscriptions written in bold letters;
  • Diamonds;
  • Weapon;
  • Skulls;
  • Drops of tears;
  • Arrows.
Face tattoos for men
Face tattoos for men
Rendering a verdict on facial tattoos

Getting a picture on a face is definitely not an option for everyone.

However, for creative and extraordinary people, it is a great way to attract public attention and even shock the audience.

For face tattoos, it is better to choose black coloured sketches with not many elements. Minimalistic elements and intriguing inscriptions will be a great choice if you are not ready for radical changes. Follow your heart, pay attention to your preferences, and love tattoos!

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