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Cyberpunk tattoo

The cyberpunk tattoo style is a continuation of the sci-fi literature, which gained popularity in the late 1980s.

Cyberpunk is an amazing mix of urban aesthetics and biomechanical details. Technical and electronics components are also distinguishing features of this style. The basic concept of cyberpunk tattoo is a symbiosis of machine and person, an attempt to feel a full immersion in virtual reality.

Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo

Where did the term
cyberpunk come from?

A subgenre of fiction literature that has quickly found its way into various forms of contemporary art is addressing the conflict between advanced technology and man in the social world of the future.

At the same time, like any art, cyberpunk makes an attempt to draw attention to the emotional and psychological world of its hero, his/her personality.

In cyberpunk literature, events unfold in a world where high technology reigns, depreciating personality. At the same time, the directions of fine art, including cyberpunk tattoo, are focused, mainly on the external attributes of the style, without immersing in its moral and ethical contradictions. Which is understandable, because it attracts, mainly the adherents of the new world, with its fascinating urban jungle romance in modifying human bodies.

Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo

Ideas and colors in
the cyberpunk style

In most cases, cyberpunk tattoos are full of elements of futuristic or post-apocalyptic urbanism and biomechanical details, represent the coming era of technology.

Cyber-tattoo, impressive with the highest level of complexity and detail - the choice of the category of adherents of the whole direction of modern culture. For the plots used in sketches, the most common use is:

  • Various aspects of virtual reality;
  • Elements of spacecraft;
  • Characters and symbols specific to digital technologies;
  • Mechanical parts and chips;
  • Images of cyborgs and bioimplants;
  • High dilapidated buildings in the post-apocalypse style;
  • Genetic engineering;
  • Characters and a number of popular video games.
Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo

Cyberpunk tattoo palette is close to noir cinema. It uses a combination of black and white, black and green for the main body image.

For the central element, bright accents are used. In addition to the main, saturated and bright colors - blue, red, green, is characterized by the use of dark and dirty shades. In addition, to emphasize the futuristic aesthetic component, masters sometimes resort to the use of neon shades - pink, purple, yellow.

Today, the three main areas of the tattoo cyberpunk style are in demand:

  • Cyber-implants are body images that create the illusion of implanting mechanical devices, wires, connectors.
  • Electronics and circuits - images of electronic components, boards, microchips, barcodes.
  • Virtual world - lots of visual effects, 3D graphics and lots of details typical for computer games.
Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo

Techniques and tattoo
features in the cyberpunk style

Among the most popular techniques characteristic of tattoo cyberpunk:

  • Contrast or shade images that use black and grey shades of different saturation to create a depth and volume effect and maximum expressiveness.
  • Clear geometric shapes and contours, with dominant sharp angles to create future technology symbols.

The style, which combines the aesthetic of scientific achievements, has several characteristic features:

  • Clear lines and geometric shapes - here you will find abundance of cubes, triangles, lines and circles. Such elements are integrated into the overall design or serve as the basis for creating separate sketches.
  • Abundance of various technological elements - electrical circuits, chips, symbols of cyberspace, machines and technologies of the future.
  • Brightness and saturation of color palette.
  • Many futuristic symbols. Cyberpunk is a style inspired by fiction and Utopia, looking to the future, and gravitating to symbols that reflect the triumph of technological progress. These may be fragments of landscapes of cities of the future, skyscrapers and unusual architectural objects.
  • The use of logos and symbols - scanning codes, computer code symbols, abstract characters and shapes - to create an emphasis on style adherence.
Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo
Cyberpunk tattoo
What is the best place on the body for tattoos in the cyberpunk style?

A particular place on the body - it is deeply individual, depends on the size and personal preferences of the client.

Tattoos in cyberpunk style more often are created:

  • On the hands - it can be as large-scale body images, completely covering the hand from the shoulder to the wrist, and small but incredibly expressive sketches, localized on a small area, for example – a wrist;
  • The legs are ideally suited to the body images of complex interweaving of wires and cables, geometric shapes;
  • On the back, the most complex, multi-colored and bright sketches are got to the chest, with a clear drawing of each detail.

Note that the style, considered predominantly for men, today is chosen by a lot of women. At the same time, girls prefer light, concise and clear images. Men more often choose the most spectacular, realistic and multicolor body images.

It is important to note that everyone who is a fan of tattoos in the cyberpunk style, it is very important to carefully consider the choice of studio and master. Any mistakes in such tattoos to correct is difficult enough, and therefore - it is important that the master has enough experience and skills in performing tattoos in various styles. It is very important to coordinate any details and wishes at the design stage. This will allow you to embody your idea of tattoo in the cyberpunk style in the best possible way.

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