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Conor McGregor
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Conor McGregor

Former UFC champion and the ninth best fighter in its rankings, red-haired and angry Irishman Conor McGregor looks as spectacular as possible in the ring thanks to his eye-catching appearance.

And a big part of his image is his tattoos.

There are rumors that he was advised by the UFC promoter to get tattoos to make his image more brutal and bright. Knowing Conor, we can believe in the version that he made the decision to decorate himself with tattoos on his own. I mean, he did it many times - he has tattoos in 5 places. Where and which ones?

Even if Conor had one of those tattoos, everyone would realize it's better not to hang out with him... I mean, he's cool. It's hard to get a scary black gorilla in such a prominent place. The primate with the crown is irresistible. And he devours the human heart. No, this is not a vision after drinking McGregor's famous Proper Tvelve whisky. It is actually - if you believe Conor - the logo of Straight Blast Jym, an MMA club in his native Dublin. But with a major upgrade! The thing is, the Straight Blast symbol:

  • White on black;
  • Not chewing a raw, half-finished product, but standing with his arms folded across his chest;
  • No crown.

conor mcgregor tattoo back
conor mcgregor tattoo back
conor mcgregor tattoo back

Conor personally says: "I just liked the picture", which means that he does not put any special symbolic meaning into it.

So the meaning is direct: "I am wild, dangerous and very cool. If you want to tattoo a monkey, take into account: the positive meaning of the tattoo - in the East, in China, the animal symbolizes prosperity and good luck, in Japan, the first Shogun Tokugawa Shogunate considered the deity-monkey guardian of peace in the state. Tattoo with a monkey in the oriental style is logical. But the Christians considered the monkey the embodiment of all kinds of sin: deceit, laziness, lust, vanity.

conor mcgregor tattoo back

On the back

On the neck, just below the back of the head, there is a wavy cross covered with a spiky plant, and down the spine are two stems of this plant with thorns, twisted in a spiral like a chain.

It looks very Catholic. Before his UFC fight with Brazilian fighter Rafael dos Anjos (2016), Conor said, "Jesus and I are cool. I'm cool with all the gods. Gods see gods." How humble! The spiky spiral is apparently just a decorative ornament on the spine.

conor mcgregor tattoo back
conor mcgregor tattoo back

On top of your belly

A realistic picture of a tiger.

The fighter was in Venice when he thought, "Damn, I want a tiger. I think they're very brave animals". Conor said - Conor did it! By the way, he's really partial to tigers - when he was choosing a nickname for the fights, there was an option "The Celtic Tiger".

Above the tiger is his last name, below is his nickname, Notorious.

conor mcgregor tattoo back

On the leg

Tattoo by accident. I was on vacation in the Cypriot resort of Ayia Napa, drunk, and my soul asked for something beautiful.

The beautiful thing was an Arabic script tattoo that cost $20. True or not, Conor claimed he didn't know the meaning of the tattoo. But the ever-present and omniscient journos read it: "Cancer," his zodiac sign.

Agree that the angry and brutal Macregor go his tattoos! By the way, he is an example for anyone who wants to get a tattoo but is too worried about the symbolic meaning. It is not necessary that the tattoo means something deep. You can get a tattoo if you just like the picture!

Sure you won't get bored? Go for it. Let's get a tattoo like Conor's - or better!

conor mcgregor tattoo back
conor mcgregor tattoo back
On the left forearm

Here McGregor has an old school style ink tattoo. A rose bush, one of the flowers pierced with a dagger.

This design can symbolize the duality of human life through the seemingly opposite meanings of the two images combined in this design: the rose represents beauty, love, friendship, and vitality, while the dagger represents death, betrayal, destruction, and treachery. Inside the bush is a clock that reads 3:35 p.m. What happened to Conor at that time - only Conor knows.

Above the bush is a sign that reads, "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast," as the Navy SEALs say. For a fighter, this statement makes sense: "Move smoothly, take your time in training to reinforce proper movement skills. To the right of the slogan is a schematic image of a man in a boxing stance (clearly not part of the overall composition in terms of style, it may have appeared spontaneously).

On the back of the hand is the profile of a gentleman in a cylinder. Possible meaning: "If you want the world to know about your stylish side, even if you're in your pajamas - consider a cylinder tattoo". Makes sense, Conor likes to be stylish!

conor mcgregor tattoo back
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