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Color and monochrome tattoos
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Color and monochrome
tattoos: what to choose?

Today, a variety of tattoos are very popular.

The desire to become the owner of a stylish and unique tattoo on the body inevitably raises many questions. How to choose a sketch and place to get the body image? It can be equally difficult to choose between a monochrome and black tattoo. So, what to choose: color or black and white body image?

Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo

Looking for starting points

To choose the best tattoo, and most importantly - never regret the choice that has been made, it is important to perceive your tattoo as one of the elements of the own image.

It is important that the tattoo does not «conflict» with clothes and choice of jewelry, harmonizes with the inner world, and perhaps - allows others to learn about your hobbies, interests s or inclinations.

To make the final decision and choose in favor of black-and-white or color images, experienced masters usually recommend, first of all, to determine the style of the tattoo.

Such styles as Polynesia, Chicano, Blackwork look best in in monochrome. It is the most favorable, as well as - Realism and Minimalism. If such a tattoo is made qualitatively, it resembles an engraving. In this case, unnecessary pretentiousness and many different colors will only hinder the proper perception of the author’s design.

If you are attracted to tattoos in the styles of Old-school and New-school, Oriental and Trash polka, as well as tattoos in Celtic or Japanese technique, it makes sense to prefer color tattoo. As a rule, such a choice is typical for bright, emotional artistic natures that seek to capture the attention of others.

For the most objective choice is to assess the advantages and disadvantages of color and monochrome tattoos.

Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo

Advantages and disadvantages
of monochrome tattoos

Among the most important advantages of classic black and white tattoos are:

  • Lower cost compared to multicolor tattoos;
  • The ability to make changes, add new elements to the picture;
  • The probability of obtaining a high-precision and high-quality drawing at a very reasonable cost;
  • Is a longer period during which the body image will retain its contrast.

There are almost no disadvantages of monochrome tattoos - if it is a quality and talented job. In this case, such a tattoo can cause depression and even arouse negative emotions - due to the prevalence of black pigment in the body image.

Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo

Color tattoos:
advantages and disadvantages

Color tattoos are undoubtedly incredibly effective.

Their most important advantages experts consider:

  • Opportunity to give the image more brightness, stand out against the crowd;
  • Excellent compatibility with different clothing styles;
  • Maximum space for the implementation of the master’s creative ideas or the client’s wishes and preferences.
Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo

Of course, and colored tattoos are not deprived of a number of problematic nuances, which are important to learn before making a final decision.

  1. Colored tattoos have a higher cost: the cost of service affects the cost of pigments of different colors.
  2. Colored tattoos take longer than monochrome tattoos.
  3. Color tattoos may gradually lose their previous brightness over time. In this case, the master performs a correction of the drawing, refreshing the colors.
  4. The client will need to choose more carefully the color scheme in the clothes, so that the tattoo fit in harmoniously.
Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo
Is it safe?

In addition to purely aesthetic points, it is important to mention the medical aspect of colored and monochromatic tattoos.

Black and white classic is well-studied, and therefore entails almost no unexpected surprises - provided that you turned to the studio or salon with an impeccable reputation.

Colored tattoos have a more complex composition than black pigment. This means that:

  • There is a higher risk of an allergic reaction.
  • When getting a colored tattoo, it is important to know that to remove them is much more difficult, it may leave non-aesthetic scars.
  • The recovery period for colored tattoos is longer and aftercare should be particularly careful.
Color and monochrome tattoo
Color and monochrome tattoo

Don’t be scared, though. First of all, it is important to understand that the composition of paints is constantly improving, and the master, who values his/her reputation, will never use in his/her work unproven or knowingly low-quality pigments.

In addition, during the preliminary and usually free consultation, the client is always warned about possible complications or negative consequences.

So, let’s draw conclusions! The dispute about the advantages of colored or monochrome tattoos - no more than a question of individual preferences and personal taste. Someone closer to immortal classic, and someone always tends to the riot of emotions, brightness and novelty. It is important to choose a really decent tattoo studio, which meets all the requirements of sanitation of the workplace, use quality licensed pigments and equipment.

To make the right choice, it is worth studying the reviews on specialized forums, be sure to talk to a master who will offer interesting and most attractive, colored or black and white tattoo sketches, corresponding to your preferences.

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