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Ideas for a tattoo on the wrist
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Ideas for a tattoo
on the wrist

Tattoos on the wrist allow to give your image a zest, express your individuality and attract the attention of people around.

This place on the body is one of the most beneficial, but also the most difficult to get a tattoo. What should you know about female and male tattoos on the wrist?

meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos

Women and men tattoo
on the wrist: what
do you need to know?

Girls and guys prefer the area on the wrist when choosing a place for a tattoo.

They insist on such a decision, even knowing that this place is among the most vulnerable areas on the body. It is so because of the intensity of the pain. Of course, much depends on the talent and qualifications of the master, individual level of the client’s pain threshold, certain features of a chosen sketch and the depth of penetration of needles.

No wonder. Experts consider the skin of the wrist particularly sensitive. It has minimum muscle tissue and fat layer under it. Full healing from punctures lasts 10-15 days. During this period, there is a possibility the tattoo may lose its original clarity, brightness or slightly change the shape, which means that wrist tattoos, both female and male, may require certain correction.

Still, there are the advantages of choosing a wrist for a tattoo and they are quite obvious:

  • It is this a body place that is the easiest to demonstrate to others and hide from prying eyes. It is enough to choose the optimal length of the sleeve or put on a stylish wide bracelet. This method is suitable for both women and men.
  • Tattoos on the wrist stay almost unchanged over time, even when people gain or lose weight. Their proportions are fine in many years.
  • A small and cute tattoo on the wrist can easily be a beginning for a larger pattern rising up on the forearm or descending onto the wrist.
meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos

Beautiful sketches of
women’s tattoos on the wrist

Tattoos on the wrist, both for men and women, make your hands even more expressive.

Sketches that are chosen by girls, allow to emphasize the beauty and tenderness, attract the attention of the opposite sex. Even for this narrow place, there are several options for getting a tattoo:

  • the back of the hand;
  • on the protruding pit;
  • side of the hand;
  • the whole wrist - a simulation of the bracelet.
meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos

Miniature but clear, concise tattoos look great.

Unlike men’s wrist tattoos, dark and wide contours are not always a good choice for a graceful woman’s hand.

There are several very interesting directions among the most relevant styles, which are preferred by girls and women. Here we have a few styles that harmoniously look on a woman’s wrist:

  • Black and white graphics;
  • Gentle watercolors;
  • Realism and minimalism;
  • Celtic ornaments;
  • Old-school.
meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos

Here are some really popular tattoo ideas on the wrist for a girl that have a certain symbolic meaning:

  • bracelets - symbolize a strong connection of spiritual and physical principles;
  • plant images, flowers – they are about tenderness, femininity and refinement taste of the tattoo holder;
  • strict geometric patterns - suitable for holistic and self-estimated personalities;
  • the sign of infinity - serves as a symbol of the eternal path, and as a pair of tattoos - expresses the aspiration to infinity of love and loyalty;
  • the image of the crown is a sign of the desire for leadership;
  • the image of the bird is a symbol of freedom as the highest value for the tattoo holder.
meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos

Original sketches of
men’s tattoos on the wrist

Men also like to get tattoos on the wrists to give a more masculine or brutal look, to emphasize their individuality.

Today the trend is a few incredibly spectacular and vibrant directions. Men’s tattoos on the wrist can be done in the style of:

  • Minimalism;
  • Geometric patterns;
  • Biomechanics;
  • Realism;
  • 3-D images;
  • Blackwork - involves large, expressive patterns with a predominance of black;
  • Thresh polka - for the fans of repulsive, in conventional perception, objects.

The choice for a monotonous pattern is characteristic of more conservative personalities, but men with creative thinking tend to get catchy, colorful tattoos on the wrist.

meaningful wrist tattoos
meaningful wrist tattoos

Among the most popular variants of men’s tattoos on the wrist:

  • various inscriptions - important dates, names, short aphorisms;
  • «bracelet» depicting barbed wire - expresses a desire for freedom;
  • plant patterns or exotic animals - express the tattoo holder’s character or taste;
  • brutal tattoos – sketches of Polynesian or Celtic ornaments, images of dangerous predators;
  • the image of the skull is interpreted as a desire for honesty and truthfulness, a reminder of the transience of earthly existence;
  • crosses or prayer beads wrapping around the wrist - may reveal the religiosity of the tattoo holder;
  • characters with the meanings of «harmony», «strength», «luck», «love» - symbols that have a meaning and, as intended, should attract luck and protect against negative and evil forces;
  • symbols of talismans or charms - images often borrowed from esoteric science that should withstand the impact of negative energy;
  • mini-symbols are a great choice for those who cannot or won’t make such an image dominant in their look.

At the same time, tattoos on the wrist, women and men require a very balanced and considered approach. Your tattoo will not just stay for life, but it is also constantly in sight. The choice of shocking images, subculture symbols and other motives of transient value is particularly worth certain consideration. Before to get a tattoo on your wrist, be sure to consult with an experienced master.

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