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Behind The Ear Tattoo
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Behind the ear tattoos: sketch variety

Ear decorations are not new to us – people used to make piercings even thousands of years ago.

Today, behind the ear tattoos have become a real trend among admirers of minimalistic sketches. Such tattoos are usually done to add to the person’s image and create an interesting accent. But is ear tattoo a good option for everyone, and how to choose a perfect sketch? Let’s find it out in this article!

behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo

Why getting an ear
tattoo is a good idea?

Behind the ear or ear tattoo is a perfect option for people who are not recommended to have body illustrations due to their profession.

Such a tattoo won’t be seen with the naked eye when talking straight to a person, but will serve as an interesting image element when looking from the side or back.

Behind the ear tattoos can be easily hidden with hair or a headdress so that it won’t attract much attention. At the same time, it is a great sketch location if you want to get a powerful protective amulet. It is believed that ear tattoos can make their owners feel more comfortable and even attract good luck.

behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo

The variety of ear tattoos

Small though an ear may seem, there are a few variations of ear tattoo location.

Note that any manipulation with this part of the body is usually painful and requires long and careful aftercare.

  1. Tiny earlobe tattoo
    1. In most cases, earlobe tattoos are done as a part of a full ear sketch. However, women also frequently opt for flower or star tattoos at this part of the body;
  2. Inner ear tattoo
    1. The tattoo can be done literally anywhere where you have skin. So, don’t be surprised by the fact that many people opt for tattoos in the inner part of the ears. Such tattoos may be done in the form of dots, tiny elements, and inscriptions. Moreover, especially stylish look tattoo sketches that stretch along the ear cartilage. It may be done in the form of waves, flowers, or snakes.
  3. Behind ear tattoo
    1. Behind the ear tattoos are the most popular options for people who want to get an intriguing face decoration. Such a tattoo won’t be seen with the naked eye and, at the same time, will attract much interest from those who happen to notice your ear tattoo.
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo

Looking for the best female
behind ear tattoo ideas

Luckily, the variety of options when it comes to ear tattoos is really stunning.

However, for admirers of massive tattoos, it is better to get a tattoo on another part of the body. Tiny, elegant, and minimalistic – these are the first associations with the female behind ear tattoos. Among the most popular tattoo sketches, you may find the following elements:

behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo

Floral ear tattoos:

Women usually seek aesthetics and flowers may be the best choice to meet such a request. The meaning of a floral beyond ear tattoo depends on the plant:

  • Roses – a symbol of love and passion;
  • Peonies – show tenderness and sensibility;
  • Lotus – a sign of spiritual development and inner balance;
  • Lavender – loyalty in love;
  • Lily – associated with purity and modesty.
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo

Butterfly tattoo beyond ear:

In many cultures, butterflies are associated with reincarnation, rebirth, and second life. No wonder many people make a butterfly tattoo to get rid of old habits or mark a new life milestone.

This insect also allows getting beyond ear tattoos using colourful sketches of small sizes with tiny additional elements. In such a way, women can emphasize their femininity and attract the attention of other people.

behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo

Behind ear tattoos with celestial elements

Since zodiac tattoos are believed to protect their owners from bad luck, many people want to get a tattoo with celestial bodies like:

  • A moon tattoo behind the ear;
  • Behind the ear tattoo with a star;
  • A constellation tattoo behind the ear;
  • Ear tattoos with planet sketches.
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo
Looking for the best male
behind ear tattoo ideas

Most men view tattoos as a way to emphasize their inner strength, confidence, and visual attractiveness.

Male behind the ear tattoos usually vary and depend on personal preferences of their owner. But among the most popular ear sketches among men, we can underline the following:

  • Cross tattoo behind the ear: frequently viewed as a powerful amulet;
  • Animalistic behind the ear tattoos: wolves, lions, tigers, eagles and other animals symbolizing strength, power or freedom;
  • Inscriptions: symbolic quotes, words, names or dates;
  • Elements of nature: mountains, waves, trees and other natural images.
behind the ear tattoo
behind the ear tattoo
Drawing the line

Behind the ear tattoo is an interesting and extraordinary way to decorate your body.

Such a tattoo always looks stylish and even intriguing. While choosing a perfect behind the ear sketch, focus on your tastes and the main idea of your future tattoo.

If you haven’t chosen a sketch for behind the ear tattoo, look through the catalog on our website or make use of the neural network tool!

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