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Back Tattoos for Women
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Why Women
Make Back Tattoos?

Women's back is one of the most attractive places.

But is there a limit to attractiveness? No and that is why many girls make their backs even more attractive and start tattooing them. The tat can be large - on the entire back - or it can be just a small drawing that the owner hides from prying eyes. The ability to hide the tattoo on the back is probably one of the main advantages. The back, in turn, can become a canvas for a large project, which will be done in one cycle of sessions or will be supplemented throughout life. The back, with the exception of a couple of places, is less sensitive, so the tattooing process will be much easier than on other parts of the body.

full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women

Women Classy
Full Back Tattoos

The full back tat is a meticulous work.

The large drawing with hundreds details or big geometrical patterns can be tattooed on the back. Let’s take a look at some photos of classic styles for a full back tattoo.

  • Japanese style;
  • Tribal;
  • Ornamental;
  • Ultra realism;
  • Black work.
full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women

Small Beautiful
Back Tattoos

However, you can’t get hung up on just large tattoos.

You can easily place small individual drawings on the back and this will only add zest to your look, especially in clothes with an open back. But it also can be only for the chosen one’s eyes. The most popular small types of tattoos on the back are:

  • Inscriptions;
  • Flowers;
  • Dream catchers;
  • Plants;
  • Birds;
  • 90’s;
  • Micro realism;
  • Ornaments.
full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women

Women Upper
Back Tattoos

These ones are similar to small ones, but the differences are size and place.

The design itself is made to emphasize the upper back, and sometimes make the owner even more powerful and formidable. But it’s not only about the design, but also about the style of the tattoo. So, for example, tattoos in micro realism will look cute, and tattoos in the ornamental style will fascinate with their patterns.

full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women
Meaningful Back
Tattoos for Women

Nowadays, searching for some hidden meaning in a tattoo is worthless.

Tattoo is primarily a decoration for the body. However, if you want not just a drawing on your body, but also to bring meaning to this drawing, let us help you.

Representatives of animals and plants are popular for tattooing on the back, so several groups can be considered:

  1. Birds.
    1. A soaring eagle, a mystical raven, a mysterious owl or a phoenix in flames will look spectacular on the back. Such motives speak of the desire for freedom and independence, the desire to imitate a bird.
  2. Animals.
    1. If it is a lion, it means power and leadership, a bear is prudence and power, a wolf is loneliness and fidelity, an elephant is majesty, and a turtle is longevity and intelligence.
  3. Flowers and trees.
    1. Such motifs are inherent in sensual, creative philosophers with an extraordinary perception of the world and themselves. The peony expresses courage, the rose expresses passion and beauty, the dandelion and thistle serve as a talisman, and the lotus is associated with secret knowledge and spiritual growth.
  4. Insects and arthropods.
    1. With the help of various beetles and spiders, some strive for self-expression; others perceive them as amulets (for example, ladybugs, grasshoppers, lizards, scorpions).
  5. Sea animals.
    1. Shark, stingray, whale and dolphin will look colorful and unusual on the back, and carp fish is the personification of energy and strength. Most of the pictures of this type will work as charms and amulets.
full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women

Symbolism is a vast category of back tattoo ideas.

Here you can see just decorative options, symbols with a sacred meaning, and even magical signs that affect the fate of a person. But most often the following is tattooed on the back:

  • Dream catcher is an ancient amulet against dark forces and spirits, a source of harmony;
  • The eye of Horus is an effective talisman, considered a sign of the divine world order, protecting a person from evil and failure;
  • Mandala is a complex diagram that personifies the whole universe, bringing peace and harmony to a person's destiny;
  • Wings are patronage by higher powers, guarded against failures and dangers;
  • Yin-Yang is the desire to properly manage life, achieving spiritual harmony.
full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women
full back tattoo for women
Stunning Back Tattoo Designs for Women

In the end we’d like to offer you check out some great ideas for back tattoo.

Especially, pay attention to those ornamental with gems. They are the most stunning.

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