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Aquarius zodiac tattoo

Aquarius is one of the most mysterious zodiac signs, the 11th one in a zodiac circle.

People born between February 19 and March 20 are ruled by the Air element and influenced by two planets: Saturn and Uranus.

Aquarians are people of a contradictory nature. They are usually outstanding individualists, prone to frequent mood swings. Representatives of this sign are characterized by a bright temperament and lust for adventures. They cannot stand boring routines and duties. Aquarians are free-spirited and independent.

aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs

Aquarius most common
symbols and tattoo meanings

Aquarius loves to experiment, stand out from the crowd, take risks, and find new experiences.

For that reason, zodiac tattoos are quite popular among them. In most cases, people get Aquarius zodiac tattoos to enhance the positive traits they have or set visual reminders about their personal aims. For example, if someone wants to become more creative or self-confident, such a body decoration can help you develop desired traits.

So, what are the most popular elements for Aquarius zodiac tattoos?

  • A person holding two vessels in hands;
  • Two squiggly lines;
  • Aquarius constellation.

These elements are the symbols of the above-mentioned zodiac. There are two connotations of their meaning. One of them says that a person with vessels and squiggly lines symbolizes life and death energies. At the same time, other experts believe that this sign is about finding a balance between mind and heart.

Among other things, aquarius may use other elements connected with water for their tattoo sketches. A pitcher from which water pours, waves, mythical characters – these and other options are also quite popular among Aquarians.

aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs

The best locations
for an aquarius tattoo

There are several variants of tattoo placement when talking about Aquarius symbols: a person with vessels and squiggly lines.

Astrologers recommend getting such tattoos on the lower part of the body. It is explained by the fact that aquarians are associated with well-being and stability, which is essential to maintain.

  1. Aquarius thigh tattoo:
    1. Such a drawing is believed to bring luck in professional and private spheres of life. Moreover, aquarius tattoos in this place may become a strong support in all accomplishments for men and will award the owner of the picture with determination, strength, and self-confidence;
  2. Aquarius neck tattoo:
    1. If you want to get a minimalistic tattoo, this body part is worth considering. Firstly, such options usually look stylish. Secondly, they always attract much attention;
  3. Aquarius forehand tattoo:
    1. It is a great option for people who prefer large, colorful, and stylistically sophisticated body illustrations. For this location, you can choose sketches with a person and vessels or combine several zodiac-related elements;
  4. Aquarius ribs tattoo:
    1. If you want to turn your aquarius tattoo into a powerful amulet and protector, a rib tattoo is a perfect way to manage it. This body part allows you to experiment with colors, sizes, and styles.
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs

Aquarius tattoo for men

Male Aquarius tattoos are often more "angular" and strict than female ones.

In most cases, men avoid adding additional details and prefer plain sketches. For that reason, they are usually offered two angular wavy lines or a muscular athlete with a large pitcher of water tattooed.

The angularity of the waves is associated with self-confidence or inner strength and may help a person develop these traits. The athletic figure will play the same role and will also lead Aquarius tattoo owners to mental and physical development.

aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs

Aquarius tattoo for women

Unlike men, most women prefer elegant, sophisticated tattoos with soft and balanced lines.

Such body decorations will enhance the restraint, femininity, and tenderness of their owners. To increase the positive effect, you can decorate the lines with curls or ornaments. The combination of the symbol with drops of water also looks interesting.

Among other elements that may be combined with Aquarius elements are:

  • Aquatic plants and animals;
  • Birds and wings;
  • Flowers;
  • Stars, constellations, and planets;
  • Sapphires and amethysts.
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
aquarius zodiac tattoo designs
Let’s finalize

A tattoo with Aquarius symbols looks original and even mysterious.

It may help you

emphasize your creative nature and well-developed intuition. An Aquarius tattoo can become a powerful amulet or just a visually attractive body decoration. However, the choice of the tattoo's meaning, style, and location must be based only on your personal preferences.

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