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Out-of-date tattoos and their transformations

  • As a teenager, Angelina spontaneously and drunkenly got a dragon tattoo on her lower abdomen. In 1985, before her marriage to Jonny Lee Miller, she colored it with a solid dark black cross. Next to the cross is a Gothic Latin inscription, "What feeds me kills me," a reminder of her successful battle with anorexia;
  • A dragon on the outer right forearm with the inscription "Billy Bob" above it. The name has been removed, the dragon remains, but now there are coordinates in that spot. These are the places where the actress' siblings and stepchildren were born. There are 6 of them - Cambodia (Maddox Shivan), Ethiopia (Zahara Marley), Namibia (Shiloh Nouvel), Vietnam (Pax Tien), France (twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon). There is also line #7 - apparently there are coordinates for the town of Shawnee in Oklahoma, USA, where Brad Pitt was born. Perhaps Pitt's line will meet the same fate as Billy Bob's kite;
  • The skin above his left shoulder blade was depressingly decorated with a Japanese character meaning "death" (possibly evidence of depression).

It is now filled with a Buddhist incantation - a blessing written in the ancient Khmer alphabet. The meaning: "May your enemies leave you, may the blessings you have attained remain yours, may your beauty be compared to the beauty of Apsara. Wherever you go, may many follow you to help and protect you. Apsara is a demigoddess, a woman of celestial beauty in Vedic mythology.

Jolie had this inscription tattooed in Thailand as protection for herself and her son Maddox.

angelina jolie back tattoo

Tattoos on the body
of a Hollywood actress

  1. Back to the neck.
    1. Know Your Rights is the name of the composition "Know Your Rights" by the British pop group Clash. The song is about the three most important human rights: the right to life support, the right to freedom of speech, and the right not to be killed.
  2. On the back.
    1. The most recent tattoo, done in 2016 by Thai monk Ajarn Nu Kaengpai, who flew in from Bangkok, features a Buddhist mantra on her right shoulder blade and two yantras in the middle of her back - sacred symbols used for meditation. Together, they are said to bring the actress good luck and prosperity.

angelina jolie back tattoo
angelina jolie back tattoo

On the left hand.

There are three tattoos:

  • Along the forearm was originally the Latin number XIII (so Jolie informed the world that she was not inclined to believe in the "unlucky number"), but then a few more numbers were added - V MCMXL. Together they made up the date 13.05.1940 - the day Churchill made his first speech as Prime Minister of Great Britain. He concluded by saying that he had nothing to offer - except blood, toil, tears and sweat. Perhaps Angelina saw in this quote an analogy to her life, her acting career;
  • Across the forearm - the subtitle of the play "Stairs to the Roof" by Tennessee Williams, the actress' favorite playwright: "Prayer for the wild heart locked in cages";
  • On the inside of the wrist is the 9th rune of the Elder Futhark Hagalaz. According to the owner, this is the initial of her brother (James Haven), fans have suggested the name of one of the actress' hobbies, Timothy Hutton. But Hutton would probably go to the same place as Billy Bob, and the tattoo is still on his arm.

angelina jolie back tattoo

On the right hand.

Here, in addition to the inscription "Determination", there is a small letter "M" at the base of the hand - it is a memory of her mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died of cancer in 2007.

On the lower back of Jolie has images of a tiger and a dragon, made in the style of Cambodian art - during the filming of "Lara Croft" in this country, the actress was impressed by the local images.

As you can see, on the body of Jolie - a significant part of her biography. Each of the current tattoos is meaningful and reflects important events in her life.

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