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Tragus piercing

One of the most «exotic» types of ear piercing is Tragus.

Its place of concentration is the small piece of cartilage over the entrance to the ear canal. In most cases, Tragus is pierced in one ear, but there are fans of massive piercing, which punctured two places simultaneously. As jewelry for tragus piercings will suit a variety of types of labrets, earrings or standard rings. Tragus piercing is very interesting. There is a lot of debate about its aesthetics, as well as about the harm. Let’s find out what is true.

tragus piercing healing time

Why does tragus
piercing deserve attention?

During the puncture, the needle moves from the front wall of the tragus towards the auditory canal.

There is also a vertical version of the puncture when the needle is moved downwards. Those who love the exotic types of piercing, make a double puncture.

The main advantages of tragus piercing are:

  1. Minimal risk of bleeding.
    1. There are practically no blood vessels in the tragus, when injecting needle does not occur special trauma.
  2. Uniqueness.
    1. Many celebrities make this type of puncture. It is not only fashionable, but also stylish. You can change the earrings if you wish.
  3. No pain.
    1. There are not many nerve endings here. For this reason, at the moment of puncture and at the stage of healing, you do not feel strong pain.

If we tell the truth about the tragus piercings, you should know that after a puncture you will have a long term of healing - from 3 to 6 months. There may also be problems when installing a labret or barbell.

An interesting fact is that if you puncture a tragus, you can get rid of a chronic migraine. This is due to the presence of biologically active points on its surface.

tragus piercing healing time
tragus piercing healing time

What is a procedure?

Tragus piercing procedure takes 15-20 minutes from the beginning to the end.

The process begins with marking. The master places a mark, shows the result to the client. After that, an antiseptic solution is applied. You will be able to ask all the questions of the specialist, learn about the rules of aftercare. The master will give information about the types of jewelry, about which products are most safe.

tragus piercing healing time

Healing Time

Tragus, as a place for puncture, is not the safest.

The fact is that for the period of its recovery need more time. Cartilage is denser than soft tissue, so it is worth caring more carefully. Moreover, a couple of days after the puncture procedure, it seems to many people that the wound has already been healed, the painful sensations are gone and you can stop doing the treatment. Do not even think in such way, the aftercare of the puncture site should last for 3 months. To do this before each treatment:

  • Wash your hands with detergent.
  • Treat the puncture site with an antiseptic, removing the contamination.
  • Move the labret forward-backward, while clearing its rod. You can use a cotton pad.
  • Apply the antiseptic on the pad and move it again to get the solution into the wound.
  • Remove excess of moisture with a dry napkin.

As for replacing the earring, any piercer will tell you that when a tragus is punctured, it is better to postpone this. It will take at least three months to heal, and then you can start experimenting with the choice of jewelry.

tragus piercing healing time
tragus piercing healing time
What looks good
with tragus piercing?

When you start to learn the range of jewelry for tragus piercing, focus on the composition of the alloy.

The most optimal products that are made of gold, titanium or medical alloy. When they are used, the risk of allergic reactions is minimal, they are not subject to the influence of external factors.

If you are looking for jewelry for tragus piercings, then their graduation will be:

  1. Labrets.
    1. The safest ones, convenient to use and stylish. Suitable for those who have just started wearing an earring in a tragus or likes to do it regularly.
  2. Rings.
    1. The optimal size is 6-10 mm. Stylish and unusual, but with them there are complications in the process of installation.

Take your jewelry off gently and slowly. Remember that at each interaction with the tragus, its tissue can be injured, and the recovery period is prolonged, so do not replace the jewelry often.

tragus piercing healing time
Reasons why you
should contact the master

If you notice that the pain returned after a time after the puncture, it indicates that the inflammatory process began.

Its manifestations are as follows:

  • Redness.
  • A type of fluid that comes out of a wound.
  • Pulsation.
  • Itching and burning sensation.
  • Edema.

If you have at least one symptom, it is better to visit the master or go to the doctor.

There is a category of people prone to keloid scarring due to traumatic effects on the skin. Such scars do not pose a health hazard, but may not be aesthetically attractive. If you have a desire, you can remove them surgically.

tragus piercing healing time
tragus piercing healing time
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