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Tongue piercing

Tongue piercing is one of the popular ways of body modification that helps to make the style unique.

There are many options for placement and decoration, but in each case the piercing looks original. The advantage of puncture is low visibility. When the mouth is closed, no one sees the jewelry. Due to the hidden location of the puncture, this variant is suitable for office employees and civil servants who are forced to comply with the dress code. This is the best option for people who are not ready to attract excessive attention and at the same time want to wear unusual decorations.

Tongue piercing

Puncture technique

The technique depends on the type of piercing.

When the needle is vertical, it passes through one point from top to bottom. The horizontal puncture is made from side to side. To make the hole, the master clamps the organ with special tongs. In this position, the tongue becomes motionless, allowing the procedure to be completed. A 1.6 mm diameter 14g needle is usually used to make the hole. If large size decoration is to be installed, the piercer uses a larger 12g or 10g needle with a diameter of 2 mm and 2.4 mm respectively.

A tongue refers to a sensitive organ that is sensitive to taste sensations and touch. However, according to most piercers, this is not the most painful place to perform a puncture. Many tattoo salon clients claim that discomfort from the clamp that keeps the organ immobile is more painful than the pain from the puncture itself.

For comparison, the pain of accidental bite of the tongue is stronger than from a rapid puncture of tissue with a needle. The performance of double vertical holes is more painful than the single puncture in the middle, due to the necessity to pierce the muscles in the first case. The most painful variant is the horizontal opening in the area of the tip of the tongue, which is due to the large number of nerve endings in the area.

Tongue piercing
Tongue piercing

Tongue piercing

The most common version of tongue piercing differs in the middle line.

Other types:

  • Side puncture. Differs from the median position to the left or right of the midline.
  • The snake eye piercing is a curved barbell placed horizontally towards the tip at the end. Two ball ends give the appearance of eyes, making your tongue look like a snake. Turning your tongue into a snake may sound awesome to some of us, but not everyone's a fan.
  • Tongue webs are commonly pierced with curved barbells, but some people may choose to swap to a smooth ring, horseshoe or ball closure ring once they are healed.
  • The paired vertical tongue piercings are the second most popular type of tongue piercing. Otherwise known as 'venom' piercings, these are sets of two tongue piercings that sit either side of the midline of the tongue.
  • Surface tongue piercing – this is a combination of vertical and horizontal piercing, also known as a scoop tongue piercing, that does not penetrate through the entire tongue side-through-side or top-through-bottom, but only pierces the surface of the tongue to insert a curved barbell.
  • Multiple. Multiple holes in different parts of the organ.
  • An inverted smiley piercing (through the lower lip frenulum) is known as a frowny piercing and the tongue web can also be pierced. Circular barbells (CBBs) and curved barbells are the most popular web jewelry.

Experienced masters of «VeAn» studio will help to choose the location of the puncture. Turning to professionals, you protect health and can be assured of aesthetic results.

Tongue piercing

Types of jewelry for tongue piercing

The decoration for a classical puncture is usually a barbell with round thickened ends (balls) about 16 mm long.

The diameter varies from 1.2 to 1.6 mm. One ball is detachable, allowing the barbell to pass and fix inside the puncture.

The Scoop decoration is a barbell that is curved at an angle of 90° with a ball shaped like a tip. Decorations for «Snake Eyes» piercing can be represented by two single or one barbell, which is set horizontally.

For tongue webs masters usually use bananabells. It is a straight rod, ring with clamping ball, horseshoe. For this puncture, it is better to choose small size decorations to avoid damage to the organ and lower teeth that come into contact with the jewelry during chewing.

Tongue piercing jewelry is made of inert materials that do not react chemically with food, beverages and air. Commonly used materials are medical stainless steel, silver, gold and titanium.

Tongue piercing
Tongue piercing
Recommendations and aftercare

A tongue is exposed daily - during cleaning of teeth, eating or communicating with others.

Detailed instructions on the aftercare of tongue piercing you will receive from the master. In «VeAn» salon you can buy professional aftercare products with antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative action.

Adherence to aftercare rules protects against inflammation and accelerates tissue healing. The master will recommend the best medicaments for aftercare, including mouthwashes and gels for wound treatment. The rinse effectively removes plaque that is formed on the decoration and in the area of the wound, which provides protection against the development of pathogenic micro-organisms. General recommendations:

  • Avoid eating hot, acidic, spicy and salty foods.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not use straws when drinking.
  • Refuse kisses and oral sex.

The number of dairy products in the diet should be limited. Dairy products leave a stable film in the mouth, which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Edema of tissues usually disappears after 5-10 days after the procedure. If the edema persists longer, you should contact a doctor or a master. High body temperature and bleeding from the wound within a few days are warning symptoms that mean you have to make an appointment.

Tongue piercing
Healing period

Moderate pains usually persist for several days after the procedure.

The pain is largely due to the constant irritation of an open hole during a conversation or meal. The full healing period is usually 4-8 weeks, which depends on the individual features of the body, the professionalism of the piercer and personal aftercare. The horizontal hole heals longer than the vertical.

Immediately after the puncture, the master sets a long barbell, which is associated with tissue edema. Experienced piercers recommend after healing the wound to change the barbell to a shorter one. This measure will help to avoid unpleasant consequences - a recession of gums, chipped teeth and damaged jewelry. If the puncture is completely healed, you can replace the decoration yourself. If you have any doubts, it is better to contact your master to do the replacement.

Tongue piercing
Tongue piercing
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