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Skin diver
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Skin diver

Skindiver is a popular form of body modification, which is distinguished by a special arrangement of decoration.

In this case, almost all the decoration is under the skin. On the surface are only top parts. This kind of body modification provides an aesthetic micro-dermal. In contrast to micro-dermal skin diver has two holes - inlet and outlet, cannot fall over time.

Skin diver

Skin diver: advantages and
reasons to choose this variant

Skin diver is stylish decoration that will help draw attention to certain parts of the body.

If you wear clothes that open your shoulders, choose this type of piercing. A puncture in this area will emphasize the beauty of this part of the body. Suitable for people who wear low-waisted jeans and short tops. Draw attention to beautiful breasts by making a puncture in the cleavage area.

The main advantage of skin diver is a possibility of location on almost any area of the face and body. It is made in the area of the eyebrows, cheekbones, forehead and cheeks, on the chest and thigh. The in- and out- holes are located next to the upper layer of the skin. To perform the puncture with a needle, the master clamps and pulls out a part of the skin with his/her fingers. Then the decoration is inserted into the hole.

Skin diver
Skin diver

Skin diver: main types

Puncture in the skin can be done almost anywhere in the face and body.

Tell about your wishes to the master of the «VeAn» salon, which will recommend the best place of the body. Popular types of skin diver:

  1. Near eyebrows.
    1. The puncture is located on the cheekbone at an angle.
  2. Bridge.
    1. Horizontal puncture in the area between the eyes.
  3. Navel.
    1. Options - above, below, along the navel.
  4. Chest.
    1. Location - collarbone, central part.
  5. The neckline.
    1. It is usually a vertical puncture that is located between the breasts.
  6. Eyebrows.
    1. The puncture of the eyebrow technically refers to the skin diver technique.
  7. Thigh.
    1. Choose a single or multiple punctures to decorate the thigh area. Popular style - symmetrically arranged punctures on the right and left thigh.
  8. Wrist.
    1. Puncture creates a simulation of the bracelet.
  9. Back of the head.
    1. Choose vertical or horizontal arrangement.

It is worth noting the complex types of this variant of piercing. Corset is one of them. Several punctures are located on the back. The decorations are connected by a ribbon that creates an imitation of a corset. Skin diver of genitals is also widespread.

Skin diver

Skin diver: types of decorations

A common type of decoration is rods that are straight, curved and P-shaped.

P-shaped earrings are specially designed for skin diver. They resemble braces, differ in the presence of low parts, which are perpendicular to the rod. Choose jewelry made of hypoallergenic materials - stainless steel, titanium, gold, platinum, silver. To diversify the decorations, producers offer rods with elements from different materials - pearls, precious metal and natural stone.

Skin diver
Skin diver

Skin diver: how much it hurts

Pain is usually moderate.

The intensity of the pain depends on the place of the body and the individual sensitivity of the person. Many people claim that the puncture in the eye, genital and occipital areas is more painful than in the chest or clavicle.

Skin diver
Skin diver: aftercare

The master of the salon «VeAn» will tell in detail everything about aftercare.

Strictly follow the recommendations of the piercer to accelerate the healing process and prevent the development of inflammation. The length of tissue recovery depends on the location of the piercing, the quality of aftercare and the individual characteristics of the body. On average, complete healing takes 2-12 months.

You should consider the risk of rejection, which in comparison with other types of piercings increases. Because of the arrangement of the decoration under the skin, the body identifies it as a foreign body and begins to push it out. Right decoration selection and professional puncture performance are factors that reduce the likelihood of rejection. Basic rules of aftercare:

  • Daily treatment with disinfectants.
  • Protection against mechanical damage in contact with clothes, long hair and other objects, such as a comb and a body sponge.
  • Refusal to bathe in open water, visit swimming pools and take hydromassage baths.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages that reduce concentration and have analgesic effects. Alcohol intoxication increases the risk of accidental puncture damage. Do not touch the piercings or move the jewelry until the puncture has fully healed. If you want to change the decoration, contact the piercer.

Skin diver is subject to rejection, which makes it necessary to carefully monitor the wound throughout the period of wearing the decoration. Signs of rejection include increased soreness and sensitivity in the puncture hole, displacement or too loose arrangement of the decoration, enlarged holes.

If there are signs of infection - redness and swelling of the skin, purulent secretions, an increase in body temperature, you should immediately consult a piercer or a doctor.

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