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Septum Piercing Trend

The septum is a piercing of the nose between the nostrils.

The spread in pop culture began at the dawn of the punk culture of the last century. It is generally accepted that this was a protest of the girls, since the septum was previously made only by men and it denoted attachment to the war. Now this type of piercing has gained popularity and is one of the most popular piercings.

Remember that the correct septum piercing is the piercing of the skin at the junction of two cartilages and not the cartilage itself. If the cartilage is pierced, then this will lead to a distortion of the jewelry’s and inflammation, also the healing process itself will be very long. After the puncture has been made, a straight barbell is placed to avoid skin deformation around the hole and better healing.

septum piercing need to know

What type of jewelry is
best for septum piercing?

As soon as the healing process is completed, you can choose an ring for permanent wear.

The type and material may be different. However, the size must not be less than 16G. There are five main types of septum piercing jewelries and one additional.

Types of septum jewelry

  1. Seamless Rings
    1. This kind of ring looks cute and daring at the same time. These rings fit snugly against the nasal septum and create a refined style. These rings made from gold will look more exquisitely.
  2. Circular Barbells
    1. A semi-ring limited on both sides by a ball, which can be replaced with precious and semi-precious stones
  3. Captive Bead Rings
    1. This type is similar to the previous type, with only one difference, the ring’s end is connected by one metal ball. This bead can be replaced with a pearl bead, a precious stone or a unique bead in the form of various objects.
  4. Clickers
    1. Thanks to the hinge mechanism, this type of ring is the easiest one to wear. These rings combine wearing comfort and unique style.
  5. Crescent Pinchers
    1. If you wear a large piece of jewelry in your nasal septum, or if you want to stretch it out, then this style is for you. On both sides of the bridge of the nose, the ring is fixed with special sealed rings.
  6. Curved Barbells
    1. The principle of wearing this type is similar to Circular Barbells, but otherwise these rings add a much more aggressive look.
  7. Septum Retainers
    1. If, due to work or other life circumstances, you cannot wear an earring, Septum Retainers will help you. It will not allow the hole for the ring to overgrow during the day, and will be secretive for the eyes of strangers.
septum piercing need to know
septum piercing need to know
septum piercing need to know

Fake septum piercing

But alas, for some people, septum piercing is contraindicated.

What to do in this case? That's right, don't worry. There are fake rings. Some are with magnets, others are with clips. It is most pleasant to wear clip-on rings, as magnetic fake rings can cause discomfort due to the strength of the magnet itself. With clips, you control how strongly to attach the it to the nasal septum.

septum piercing need to know

What is a normal
size septum ring?

Piercer's standard choice is 16 gauge (1.2mm thick).

But the master may also decide that 14 gauge (1.6 mm) or 18 gauge (1 mm) may be suitable thicknesses. Everything is individual. It is not worth choosing the thickness of the barrel by yourself, as the piercer, based on his knowledge and experience, will select the ideal size of the jewelry for you to heal and wear.

septum piercing need to know
septum piercing need to know
septum piercing need to know
What jewelry goes
with septum piercing?

Septum rings are encrusted with various opals, precious and semi-precious stones.

The rings themselves are made of wood, acrylic, medical metal, gold, silver and platinum. The golden mean is from the gold, as it looks elegant in any case. But if you are allergic to gold, then silver rings will help you.

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