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Lower lip
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Lower lip piercing

Mankind is not the first millennium makes a variety of piercings.

And if the earrings in the ears are so familiar that they are not often able to attract the attention of other people, the spectacular jewelry on the face, in the area of the lower lip, in any case will not go unnoticed. What types of lower lip piercing are especially modern today? What do you need to know about the features of the procedure and the choice of jewelry?

Lower lip piercing

Types of lower lip piercing

Today, the most relevant types of piercing of the lower lip include such varieties:

  • Lower lip Meduza - puncture is made under the lower lip, strictly in the center;
  • Labret - asymmetric puncture, closer to one of the corners of the mouth;
  • Vertical - through vertical puncture of the lower lip;
  • Horizontal - puncture in a horizontal direction;
  • Spider Bites - two adjacent punctures closer to the left or right of the mouth.

There are not too many varieties, but among them you can choose a particularly spectacular option that can emphasize your individuality. It is important to remember that despite the absence of large blood vessels in the lower lip and chin area, performing some of the punctures is a rather painful procedure. Besides, fresh punctures can bleed rather bad.

Acupuncture experts are convinced that it is in this area of the face is located many biologically active points, constant exposure to which may not have the best effect on your health. That is why it is very important to choose very carefully the studio and master, who realizes your idea as safely as possible, trying to minimize the level of discomfort for the client.

Lower lip piercing
Lower lip piercing

How lower lip piercing is done?

Before you go to the salon or studio where you will be punctured, it is important to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth as thoroughly as possible to remove pieces of food.

Once in a fresh wound, they can lead to suppuration and prolonged inflammation process. The lower lip piercing procedure is performed in the following steps:

  • The client is in a comfortable position.
  • The master conducts anesthesia in the place where the puncture will be performed. Sometimes this step is not required or the client prefers to abandon it.
  • Decontamination of the puncture site is carried out.
  • The lip is fixed by a clamp.
  • With the help of a special needle, the master makes a puncture and inserts the jewelry, tightly fixing the fastener or clip.
  • Plaster is applied to the puncture site.

At this stage the master’s manipulation is over and the client can return home. Usually, pain and discomfort may last no more than two weeks. However, this indicator is individual. It is determined by the intensity of regeneration, the rate of healing of the wound, as well as the pain threshold of the client.

Lower lip piercing

The lower lip is recommended to be treated at least twice a day and this should be done within the next four weeks.

However, some puncture species require longer healing. For example, «vertical» and «horizontal» need to be processed for three months. The optimal choice of antiseptic products for the treatment of the wound, as well as ways to clean the earring, you will be sure to tell the master who made the puncture.

In addition, about a month after the procedure is recommended:

  • Avoid food that irritates the wound - you will have to give up salty, sour, spicy, hot for a while;
  • Pay attention to the process of eating so as not to injure the mucosa additionally;
  • Take a complex of B-group vitamins that promote tissue regeneration and strengthen the body’s protective resources.

Removing the jewelry and touching the puncture wound with your hands without the necessity is strictly prohibited! After the procedure, you will have to forget about visiting the sauna, swimming in the sea or other place.

Another, no less important nuance is possible allergic reactions. Among the allergens can be even a local anesthetic, which the master plans to use to anaesthetize the procedure. The anesthetic may be in an aerosol, but in some cases the master does it invasively by injecting an anesthetic compound under the skin.

Lower lip piercing
Lower lip piercing

Let’s choose jewelry

The material of the lower lip piercing jewelry is of great importance.

It is very important to avoid alloys that contain potential allergens. The best options are considered by experts:

  • Precious metals - they are significantly less oxidized and safer;
  • Medical alloys - for the same reasons;
  • Bioplastic - it can be used as a temporary decoration, which is removed after full healing of the wound.

Jewelry can be bought directly in the studio or salon, where you will be punctured. In this case, your master will be able to tell you what kind and size of the ring will be the most optimal for you. New decoration before introduction into the puncture necessarily undergo dry sterilization in the autoclave.

Lower lip piercing
There are some contraindications

Lower lip piercing may be performed by adults who do not suffer from infectious diseases.

The responsible master will not make a puncture:

  • Pregnant woman and nursing mother - as any pain is an undesirable stress to the body;
  • Acute phase of herpes;
  • Allergic to local anesthetics;
  • A number of dermatological diseases - psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis;
  • Diabetes mellitus - due to poor healing of wounds;
  • Problems with blood coagulation.

To pierce the lower lip is cool. It looks aesthetic, and most importantly - did not lead to undesirable problems and complications, it is important to choose a master very carefully. Our studio offers a wide range of piercing procedures, which are carried out with strict observance of sanitation and hygiene. There are experienced masters who do their job well and will certainly help you with useful recommendations for puncture aftercare and choice of jewelry.

Lower lip piercing
Lower lip piercing
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