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Lip piercing

Lip piercing is the most popular and oldest form of body modification.

Punctures in the mouth were made by ancient tribes. For some tribes the jewelry was a sign of high social status, for others - a model of femininity and beauty. Due to the wide variety of options, each puncture looks original and unusual. Advantages of this type of puncture:

  • Rapid healing (4-8 weeks) compared to other types of piercing.
  • Fashion trend.
  • Great selection of jewelry.

Punctures in the mouth look tempting and sexy, bring a special charm to any style.

Lip piercing
Lip piercing

Puncture techniques

The obligatory stage of the procedure in the «VeAn» salon is the treatment of the skin with disinfectants.

Then it is the markup phase. The master marks the chosen place with a special marker. This is the place where the decoration will be located. Before the puncture is made, the soft tissue of the lip is fixed with tongs to ensure immobility. The hole is usually made with a 14g needle with a diameter of 1.6 mm. If the customer is planning to choose large jewelry, more than 12g or 10g needles with a diameter of 2 mm and 2.4 mm are used for puncture.

The puncture is performed within 3-5 seconds. The pain is moderate. The pain lasts for 5-7 days, can be increased in contact with hard objects, for example, in case of accidental touch by hands or cutlery.

Lip piercing

Types of lip piercing

Punctures may be located in the area of the upper or lower lip.

The holes are single, double or multiple. The result depends on the wishes and preferences of the client. Here we have the main types:

  1. Monroe Piercing
    1. The name kind of says it all doesn’t it, think of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beauty mark on her upper lip. The Monroe piercing is a single piercing on the right side of the upper lip. The Monroe piercing takes at least 8-12 weeks to heal.
  2. Madonna Piercing
    1. The Madonna piercing is like a Marilyn Monroe piercing, except it is on the other side! The Madonna piercing mimics Madonna’s famous beauty mark and as the Monroe piercing, will take at least 8-12 weeks to heal.

Lip piercing
Lip piercing

Medusa Piercing

A Medusa piercing pierces through center of the cupids bow above your top lip. This is a popular piercing type, and takes about 8-12 weeks to heal.

Jestrum piercing

It is also known as a vertical medusa or vertical philtrum, is an upper lip piercing that is very similar to a labret piercing,[1] or more specifically a vertical labret piercing. It is placed in the philtrum of the upper lip, directly under the nasal septum.

Classic lower lip puncture

Performed horizontally. Execution options are in the middle, left or right side.

Lip piercing
Lip piercing
Lip piercing

Vertical puncture

Unlike the classic version, the hole passes through the lower lip, which is often more painful. As a result, the upper ball of the barbell is in front of the lower lip, the lower ball is slightly below the mouth.

Ashley Piercing

This is an adaption of the vertical labret piercing, but you will only see the entry hole in the center of your bottom lip. An Ashley piercing’s exit point is in the inside of the mouth. 6-8 weeks is the regular healing period.

Lip piercing
Lip piercing

Labret Piercing

A labret piercing placement is in the center of the bottom of your lip. Labret piercings are like regular lip piercings, but instead of it being on the side of a lip, it is in the middle. The standard healing time is 6-8 weeks.

Different lip piercing configurations are distinguished, which are created by a combination of the same or different punctures. So, «Angel bite» consists of two holes, which are located on the right and left above the upper lip. This is the option that unites Monroe and Madonna. Cyber bites are obtained by a combination of Medusa and Classic lip puncture. «Snakebite» is done with two holes on the left and right side of the lower lip.

«Spider bite» also consists of two holes. Unlike «Snakebite», both holes are located next to each other on one side of the mouth. «Dolphin bite» is two Labrets, which are installed next to the center point of the lower lip. «Dog bite» consists of four holes - Monroe and Madonna on top and two side punctures under the lower lip. «Shark bite» is another option of four holes. Unlike «Dog bite» all holes are at the bottom.

Experienced masters of salon «VeAn» will help to choose the option of a puncture taking into account your wishes and preferences.

Lip piercing

Types of lip piercing jewelry

The main types of decorations - labrets, straight and curved rods (microbananas), stud earrings, rings.

Monroe and Medusa usually choose studs for piercing. Classic lower lip puncture is more often decorated with earrings, rings and round bars. Any decoration is suitable for piercing «Snakebite». Lip piercing jewelry is made of stainless steel, titanium, gold and silver.

The jewelry is replaced after full healing of the hole. If you doubt that you will manage to install new decorations yourself, refer to the piercer.

Lip piercing
Lip piercing
Recommendations and aftercare

To avoid the development of inflammatory process and accelerate healing, you should follow the recommendations of the piercer.

The master of the «VeAn» salon will provide detailed instructions on the rules of aftercare for damaged skin. The main recommendations:

  • Daily treatment of the wound and decoration with antiseptic agents.
  • Regular (3-6 times a day) mouthwash when part of the decoration is placed inside the mouth.
  • Not to smoke, do not consume hot, spicy, salty foods that can provoke irritation of the wound.
  • Protection against injuries. You should carefully brush your teeth, wash, apply aftercare products for the face and eat food. You can’t touch jewelry with your hands.
  • Refusal of kisses and oral sex.

In the salon «VeAn» you can buy professional means for the aftercare of piercings. Our anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing products are easy to use.

Lip piercing
Healing period

Lip piercing heals within four to eight weeks.

The length of the period depends on the professionalism of the master, individual features of the body and the quality of aftercare. If a large-diameter needle is used to perform the hole, the healing period may increase.

Slight edema of the tissues, moderate bleeding from the wound and soreness within 2-5 days after the procedure are normal body reactions to the manipulations. Gradual regression of the symptom indicates healing of the wound. The formation of crust and lymphatic fluid is a natural process that is not a sign of infection. It is necessary to contact your master or doctor in case of persistence and aggravation of symptoms for more than 7-10 days, if the temperature of the body increases and you feel bad.

Lip piercing
Lip piercing
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