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Eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercing is one of the most popular procedures in the beauty industry.

The eyebrow piercing is placed through the skin above your eyelid, with an entry and an exit at the bottom and top of this spot. It is usually placed closer to the temple. The jewelry looks stylish and creative and attracts many fans.

Eyebrow piercing has been known since ancient times. Similar jewelry was worn by the Bedouin tribes of Africa and the Middle East, the Aztecs and the Maya. For the Indians, the puncture indicated social status or religious affiliation. So, puncturing the right eyebrow of a Mayan meant the person was an elite. Modern eyebrow piercing is a fashion trend, an opportunity to emphasize individuality and have an effective appearance.

Eyebrow piercing is popular among men and women. The puncture was done by famous actors and musicians, including pop singer Kesha, models and actresses Cara Delevingne and Amber Rose, rock musicians Lenny Kravitz and Tommy Lee, professional boxer Mike Tyson.

Eyebrow piercing

Features of the procedure

At the first consultation, the piercer will listen to the wishes of the client and tell you about the procedure and its stages.

The procedure in the salon «VeAn» takes place under sterility conditions. The master puts on disposable gloves, treats the skin with a disinfectant preparation. Then the master marks a place of puncture with a special marker. During the markup phase, the client can make changes.

To make a hole in the skin, the piercer usually uses a 16 g sterile needle with a diameter of 1.2 mm. The alternative is an 18g needle with a diameter of 0.8 mm. The choice of needle depends on the location of the puncture and the type of decoration. To fix the fold of the leather, the master uses a special clamp - tongs. After the hole is made, a piercer inserts a sterile decoration. The final stage of the procedure is recommendations and rules of aftercare.

The time to pass the needle through the soft tissue is 1-2 seconds. The level of pain varies depending on the individual tolerance of pain. The area around the eyes is sensitive, which makes it more likely to be painful. The master of the «VeAn» salon will offer a local anesthetic. If it is necessary, a special gel may be used and it will reduce the severity of painful sensations. Moderate pain usually lasts up to 7 days.

Eyebrow piercing
Eyebrow piercing

Types of eyebrow piercing

The main types of piercing - horizontal and vertical, which differ in the direction of the needle.

Vertical is the most common type of piercing. Vertical piercing passes through the skin from top to bottom. The needle goes over the eyebrow and exits under it. The horizontal puncture is usually slightly above or below the brow. An alternative is Bridge. It is located horizontally between the eyebrows in the area of the bridge. Other types:

  1. Multiple.
    1. Several vertical punctures along the entire surface of the eyebrows. In case of multiple punctures, it is important not to overdo. The skin in the eye area is soft and thin. Do not overload it with heavy decorations.
  2. Diagonal.
    1. It resembles a vertical version with one difference - the holes are made at an angle.
  3. T-piercing.
    1. Combination of horizontal and vertical puncture. Together the decorations form the letter «T», which explains the name. The holes are close to each other, making it difficult to maintain.
  4. Spiral.
    1. Puncture is similar to the classic vertical version. The difference is the presence of several holes instead of two. One spiral jewelry usually passes through 4-6 holes.
  5. Anti-eyebrow
    1. Refers to eyebrow piercing, although it is located under the eye in the cheekbone area. The original double piercing resembles a reflection of the brow arch.
Eyebrow piercing

Types of jewelry

To replace the jewelry, you need to wait for the complete healing of the puncture.

If you doubt that you can cope on your own, it is better to turn to the piercer. Piercing decorations are made of stainless medical steel, titanium, silver and gold. These are durable and hypoallergenic materials that are compatible with living fabrics. Choice of design depends on personal preferences. The main types are:

  • Curved barbells, also known as bent barbells, are a popular choice for body piercings. They are named for their curved shape, which makes them ideal for piercings that require a little extra length or a gentle curve to fit comfortably.
  • Rings. The metal rings are often decorated with a ball (bead). The ring is easy to remove and put on. This option is suitable for people who often change decorations.
  • A round barbell that looks like a small horseshoe. Often you can find two little balls at the ends of the piercing, but this is not always the case.
  • Spirals are generally used in ear piercings that have been stretched, being held in place naturally instead of with a ball or stud. Twister rings piercing and body spirals are uniquely shaped and eye-catching forms of body jewelry, suitable for many piercings such as the ear, navel, lip, or eyebrow.

When choosing jewelry pay attention to the size and level of comfort. The length of the bar depends on the width of the brow arch. The thickness is usually 1.2 mm. Too large decorations are subject to frequent friction and accidental touching, which can provoke irritation. Too small decorations can spontaneously change the position in the hole (migration), which is accompanied by discomfort.

Eyebrow piercing
Eyebrow piercing
Recommendation and aftercare

The quality of aftercare determines the rate of tissue healing.

Proper aftercare prevents the development of inflammation and other complications. The master of our salon will tell you how to clean and treat the wound. In our salon you can buy professional products that will make the piercing aftercare process simple and effective. Prior to the complete healing of tissues, daily treatment with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating agents is carried out.

Eyebrow piercing
Healing period

Eyebrow piercing heals for 4-6 months. During this period, it is necessary to protect the puncture wound from irritating effects.

It is forbidden to touch the decoration with your hands. You should avoid contact of the wound with detergents or cosmetics. Basic rules:

  • Follow the recommendations of the master.
  • Do not sleep on the piercing side.
  • Do not twist or turn the jewelry.
  • Do not allow moisture and water to get into the hole.

The healing period varies depending on the individual characteristics of the body, the level of immunity, aftercare and lifestyle. If the puncture is bleeding, there is edema of tissues more than 7-10 days, you should contact a piercer or a doctor. Make an appointment at the clinic is also necessary in case of an increase in body temperature.

Eyebrow piercing
Eyebrow piercing
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