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What do I need to know before getting my daith pierced?

Originally comes from Jewish culture, a daith piercing is a ring placed around the cartilage on the outer part of your ear near the ear canal’s entrance.

This type of piercing isn’t popular these days, but it is aesthetically pleasing and magically looking piece. The word “daith” is considered to be originated from a Hebrew word da’-at which means knowledge. In ancient times people believed that a piercing in this area gives people a skill only listen to intelligent people. Nowadays, there is a belief that daith piercing helps people to treat migraines, but no one medically or scientifically can prove it to support this statement.

daith piercing pros and cons
daith piercing pros and cons

What are the benefits
of a daith piercing?

The daith piercing belongs to the medical puncture techniques.

The hole in a certain place - acupuncture of the auricle - helps to forget about a number of diseases that can be influenced through biologically active points.

Thanks to the exposure a small area inside the cartilage, it is possible to save a person from painful attacks of headache, and migraine loses intensity and goes away. In the reflexology, the auricle is considered as a zone of influence on a sore spot. The cartilage fold is an important site for the interweaving of nerve endings and blood vessels. When it is stimulated, the hormone of happiness, endorphin, is produced, and instead of debilitating pain syndromes, a person experiences pleasure and joy from life.

daith piercing pros and cons
daith piercing pros and cons
daith piercing pros and cons

What looks good
with daith piercing?

The number of jewelry for this place is quite huge.

There are many variations, but jewelry made of precious metals or medical metal is better. Hoops made of acrylic or wood are not suitable here due to the fact that the puncture itself is very thin and cannot be stretched as this can cause undesirable consequences. Here the most suitable types:

  1. Barbell
    1. Straight or curved barbell looks like a real barbell from gym, but the difference is the size and the weigh, obviously. There are two balls on both sides and one is removable, which allows sliding the barbell through the piercing.
  2. Hoops
    1. The most popular choice because of the versatility. Style of ring hugs the cartilage completely.
  3. Clicker earring
    1. This type of jewelry is similar to hoops, but is ideal for beginners due to its clicking mechanism.
  4. Captive bead
    1. Hoop ring with the ball in the center. It gives edgy and simple look.
daith piercing pros and cons

Is a daith
piercing very painful?

Everyone has their own pain tolerance, so it is difficult to determine the degree of pain.

However, one thing can be said for sure daith piercing is more painful than the piercing of the earlobe, since the cartilage is pierced. After the cartilage has been pierced, there is a feeling of dull pressure, but this feeling goes away quickly enough.

Aftercare also is an important component of a quick and successful healing. Compliance with the instructions of the master will accelerate regenerative processes.

  • Antiseptic treatment in the morning and evening.
  • Intake of vitamin complexes in which there are groups B.
  • Do not sleep on the side of the puncture to avoid injuring the puncture.
  • Do not spray your hair with hairspray.
  • Regularly change the pillowcase on the pillow to avoid the growth of bacteria that can cause infection of the puncture.
daith piercing pros and cons
daith piercing pros and cons

To avoid the formation of scar tissue and rejection of the earring, it is necessary to take into account contraindications to the procedure before the piercing:

  • Inflammatory processes in the ear;
  • Viral and infectious diseases;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Cold;
  • Diabetes mellitus in severe insulin-dependent form;
  • Pathologies of the circulatory system that contribute to poor clotting.
daith piercing pros and cons
daith piercing pros and cons
daith piercing pros and cons
What side should you get
your daith pierced?

The side where you decide to get a daith piercing depends on which side you are experiencing the migraine symptoms.

If you want to get yourself a piercing not for medical reasons, then you are free to choose any side. It won’t matter. Same for the anxiety symptoms. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, the piercing on any side will help you.

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