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All you need to know about tattoo eyebrows

Inexpressive eyebrows, a form far from ideal, a noticeable asymmetry - such problems are easily solved, thanks to tattoo eyebrows.

Today, the procedure involving the introduction of resistant, hypoallergenic pigments under the skin. This procedure has already become very popular. How is it done? What are the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow PMU?

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons

What is important to
know about the procedure?

The first thing to know about tattoo eyebrows that it is not just a tattoo in the general sense of the word.

Although, the essence of the process is borrowed from there. However, there are many differences - the tools and pigments which are used, the depth of punctures and techniques.

  • The depth of puncture is always less than a millimeter;
  • Light pigments in natural tones;
  • The pattern cannot be washed off, but after a while it will pale and gradually disappear.

Such a procedure has to be made only in the salon with excellent reviews and crystal reputation, by the master, who has a license and impeccable taste.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
tattoo eyebrows pros and cons

In this case:

  • You will be warned about discomfort and contraindications;
  • Care about the sterility of the instrument and the quality of the pigments;
  • The master will choose a shape of the eyebrows and a shade of pigment. All these aspects need to be taken into account and coincide with your features, skin tone, eye and hair color;
  • Offer the best technique.
tattoo eyebrows pros and cons

Features and benefits

Undoubtedly, the most important advantage of this procedure is an improvement of the eyebrows.

This procedure can be considered as a practical one. For 2-3 years you do not need to color your eyebrows. In addition, you do not have to buy special mascaras, shades and waxes. Rinse off such makeup is also not required. It is enough just to use a conventional foam or gel for washing.

And, in addition, permanent brow makeup is able to make their shape perfect, as well as - perfect symmetry, which is not given to everyone by nature. This is a great choice for women who cannot boast of their own «awesome eyebrows».

Of course, any beauty procedure has its negative sides. So, let’s talk about the nuances.

  • The procedure involves puncture of the skin - though, quite shallow. If your skin is very sensitive to pain but you are ready for the sacrifices for the sake of beauty, warn the master about the necessity of certain anesthesia.
  • Mistakes in the work of a master may lead to a significant discrepancy between expectation and actual result. In order not to have one more procedure, having previously removed the previous work, it is very important to entrust such a service to a salon with an excellent reputation, to familiarize yourself with the license and portfolio of the artist.

Strangely enough, but the longevity of the result is not an unambiguous factor. Sometimes fashion changes so fast and unpredictably, that yesterday’s «moveton» becomes a today’s trend. What if a whole new understanding of trendy eyebrows comes into play a year from now? The only way out is to stick to the golden middle, avoid imbalances, choose natural shapes and shades.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
tattoo eyebrows pros and cons

Top techniques

Techniques of permanent brow make-up are constantly updated, improving together with equipment for its application.

Here are some of the most popular options.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
Powder brows

This technique of pigment integration creates the effect of “thin mist”, is ideal for light daily makeup, looks natural and unobtrusive, makes the eyes more expressive.

The pigment is injected into the top layers of the skin, thus reducing the trauma and soreness of the procedure.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
Hair by hair technique

The pigment is applied in the form of thin strokes that look like natural hairs.

This kind of the eyebrow PMU is an excellent solution for girls who have their own too light or rare eyebrows. It is important to remember that the hair by hair technique can be performed only by an experienced and qualified master.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons

When performing permanent brow makeup in the technique of microblading, pigment is inserted into thin incisions on the skin, which are made by hand.

The technique requires high level of precision and fine mastery. After healing the incisions, such a PMU creates a natural blushing effect.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
Contraindications to
permanent brow makeup

One of the important drawbacks of the permanent brow makeup is a rather extensive list of restrictions and contraindications to its performance.

Such a procedure cannot be performed:

  • During the pregnancy and breastfeeding - pain can become too stressful, affect the condition of the fetus or lead to reduced lactation;
  • If there are moles and scars in the pigment injection area;
  • Inflammatory processes - you will have to undergo treatment;
  • In case of weak blood coagulation - due to the risk of bleeding;
  • During rehabilitation after surgery - so as not to create additional stress on the body and properly use its resources;
  • Epilepsy - so as not to create additional stress that can provoke an attack;
  • Diabetes mellitus - due to the deterioration of the healing properties of this disease.

The best solution in any case - to visit your therapist and consult about the safety of such beauty procedure for you.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
What to do before and after the procedure of permanent brow makeup?

Is it necessary to provide a special preparation for the procedure of permanent makeup?

Serious efforts will not be required. However, experts recommend the day before the procedure to eliminate alcohol, black coffee and strong tea from the diet, do not take drugs that liquefy the blood.

It will be perfect to consult the master about the best methods of aftercare, the choice of disinfectants and moisturizers. In no case, do not try to rip off the crusts that are formed at the site of punctures of the skin. They fall off themselves when the micro-wounds are fully healed. After a few more days you will be able to fully enjoy all the benefits of your impeccable permanent make-up. If you listen to all our pieces of advice and do everything correctly, the result will be perfect!

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
tattoo eyebrows pros and cons
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