Permanent makeup artist Varvara Vyshnyvetska - VeAn Tattoo

Varvara Vyshnyvetska

  • City: Walsall
  • Career start: 2023-08-10 y.
  • Current VeAn artist
Rating: 5 (20)
  • Rental Place
  • Permanent makeup
  • Graphics
  • Lip blushing
  • Removal by a remover
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow blushing
  • Shaded lip liner
  • Arrow with feathering

Hello, I'm a passionate permanent makeup artist.

I absolutely love what I do – bringing out the best in people and helping them feel confident. I enjoy connecting with clients, understanding their vision, and providing professional advice. I’m offering a fantastic opportunity to enhance your natural beauty. Permanent makeup doesn't replace regular makeup; it beautifully complements your look. Be effortlessly beautiful anytime, anywhere. I specialise in various procedures such as lip blushing , permanent eyebrows, and interlash line enhancement, as well as neutralizing dark lips. The procedure doesn’t taking a lot of time, yet lasting 1.5-2 years for your convenience and quality results.

Let's collaborate to elevate your natural allure. Book now for a transformative experience!

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