Tattoo Artist Abhiram S Nath - VeAn Tattoo

Abhiram S Nath

  • City: Birmingham
  • Career start: 2019-01-01 y.
  • Current VeAn artist
Rating: 5 (20)
  • Correction
  • Consultation
  • Sketch
  • Tattoo
  • Microrealism
  • Ornamental
  • Sketch
  • Botanical
  • Calligraphy
  • Graphics
  • Black and White
  • Greywash
  • Fineline
  • Brutalism
  • Cyber Sigilism
  • Neo-Tribble
  • Gravure
  • Freehand
  • Bioorganics
  • Baroque
  • Abstraction
  • Steampunk
  • Whip Shading
  • Lettering
  • Black and Grey

I'm Abhiram S. Nath, a seasoned tattoo and piercing artist with an extensive 5-year journey in the industry.

My artistic palette spans a diverse spectrum, specializing in realism, black work, surrealism, minimalism, micro tattoos, illustration, and the intricate play of line and dot. With a passion for creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant pieces, my commitment is to transform your ideas into living art. Whether you're drawn to the hyper-realism of detailed portraits or the bold simplicity of black work, I thrive on bringing your unique vision to life.

Having spent the last 5 years refining my skills, I've embraced the challenges and joys of the tattoo world. Each session is an opportunity to merge creativity with craftsmanship, resulting in tattoos that go beyond the surface to tell stories.

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